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  1. I got my bowtie off without messing with my grille at all. Just need some plastic pry pieces.
  2. Awesome thanks! Same here so I will definitely check it out.. I have an idea for those other buttons too.. cover the logos with wrap possibly and see if I can wire them to aux lights or something else.
  3. Just a few updates. rewrapped some interior pieces to make it look cleaner, and hit some nice trails with the wife. Can wait to do more mods.
  4. Yall are way too concerned with what majority has or doesn't have on the road. Lol Frankly I see a lot of stock silver and a lot black, lots of methods, and lots of fuels, etc.. etc.. idg a ****** what people have, I'm only concerned with what I think looks good on my vehicle. Personally, I like black rims typically and bronze when it works. and methods are great wheels and some fuel wheels.. I don't like stock, silver look. But again, that's my opinion and to each their own. You gotta like what you have on your truck. Forget what you see elsewhere. What looks best with your colors
  5. Oh cool. Love watching the diesel Brothers. 4k is much more reasonable than 10k... stupid California...
  6. Looks good! I've been wanting to do that for a long time.. thinking either a satin black or satin grey. I've been practicing on interior trim pieces so I can attempt the exterior myself but it will be quite a process.. did you do it yourself or have it done? Any tips? / or if you don't mind me asking how much did it run you? It seems like most places around me will cost 10k..
  7. Oh OK cool. Yeah my wife and I go down towards San Diego a bit too, my sister lives down there.
  8. Yeah I am! That is about Silverado Canyon looking out towards laguna and Newport Beach. You in that area too?
  9. The lights, brackets, and harness all came together from baja designs. I have seen some for sale before online somewhere. I've seen some by an aftermarket company that are really cool but they don't sell them.. they package vehicles for dealerships and they outfit them as outlander rigs. I want to try to fan some similar. I will see what I can come up with.
  10. Plus I found a huge mud puddle/ lake to go through.. deeper than I thought lol
  11. Just got back tonight actually from a nice 25ish mile trail today. Got a nice panorama shot.. idk if it will load right..
  12. I will try to find the link soon. I bought them on ebay for just a couple bucks. I really like them, however, they are a bit more yellow than amber.. I'm going to try to tint them slightly, possibly with an amber tiny.. don't know if it will work. Mounting was simple, drilled a hole through the four brackets where the lights are located and wired to my drl.
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