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  1. Thanks for the help, I was actually doing that but it was still going down but I realized the trick was I wasn't pulling gently outward as I rolled up the windows. Got them all up and it's looking great! Overall super easy minus the little hiccup..
  2. Hi everybody. I am in need of some quick help.. I'm installing the weather tech window deflectors right now and I can't get my window to go up all the way. It has a safety feature that kicks in. I have tried the steps to reset the window but that isn't working. Anyone who has installed these with this issue with a fix. Please let me know asap! Thanks!
  3. Did you get these installed? I got a pair and the white end doesn't seem to fit into the socket properly.. it feels to tight and I don't want to force it in or break it..
  4. Looks clean! Funny I'm looking to do the same exact thing, already did the tinted windows though. And I've been considering the same color wrap.. if you wouldn't mind, could you give a price breakdown of it all? Trying to compare prices and get a good deal.
  5. Thanks! Yeah im happy with it. There is so much more I want to do, a big thing is suspension and wheels and tires. Just need to save enough $...
  6. So I finally got my tint and flag decal on the back. Ceramic tint. 5%
  7. Can I ask how much that cost for each of those? I am very interested in getting that done.
  8. So I am assuming the smoke is just a semi transparent, semi gloss black? And the flat black is maybe opaque?
  9. Ok cool thanks yeah I like the in track ones. Do you like the smoke ones the best? Were you able to look at the other options? ie: black, smoke, etc.
  10. Which in track window things did you get?.. can't think of the name lol
  11. Just got done plasti dipping my wheels and badges and used a few light coats of the glossifier. Happy with the results for a cheaper temporary option until I get a lift and wheels. Also worked a spray in bed liner and custom leather seats into my contact for my truck.
  12. Thanks @OnTheReel.. Damn... I got a pretty loaded rst but the one thing i regret is not getting the convenience package II.. i know it's a stretch but does anyone know if you can get that package installed after?..
  13. So I just checked mine and mine appears to be very old!.. I don't understand.. it says no update available..
  14. Thanks @MDSilveradoGuy. That's a bummer, that's the one thing I wish I had gotten.. tough though cause I got such a smokin deal on my truck. Wonder if I can upgrade it?..
  15. Hi, new on the forum. I am wondering if someone can give an answer. I got my 2019 Silverado RST 2 months ago and I have since been looking at the 2020 HD for my father in law. Some awesome upgrades to the interior gauges, including the HUD, and the added features on the infotainment center. Does anyone know if there will be a software update for the 1500 infotainment to recieve the added features (such as digital climate panel, etc.) looks like some 1500 in this post that have that same infotainment panel?..
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