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  1. Hello everyone, I have a 07' 1500 classic and was wondering if the 07' 1500 classic HD control arms would fit on my truck looking for something alittle beefier that will last as im running a 6" lift with 24x14, thank you
  2. hello everyone, does anyone know of any leveling control arms for 99-06 silverado 2wd, i cant seem to find any and don't want to use leveling blocks, thanks
  3. hello everyone was wondering if someone could help me out i have an 07' silverado 2wd lifted 6" and I'm looking for extended brake lines not sure how long I need however does anyone know a good length that'll work ? Thanks
  4. I understand with a steering rack you don't need a steering stabalizer but wouldn't it help with wheel wobble ?
  5. Hello everyone, I recently put a 6" rough country lift with 7" pro comp coils on my 07 silverado classic 2WD I know "why lift a 2wd 6 inches" thats not the point here I'm having a hard time finding a steering stabilizer kit for the truck and was wondering if any of you know where I can find one or maybe and inter-changeable kit from a newer model possibly ? The help would be greatly appreciated thank you all
  6. Hello everyone I have a 99-07 1/2 silverado I recently installed LED lights for full exterior use however the turn signals do not work the parking lights work as do the hazards but when I turn on the turn Signals nothing. anyone know what the problem might be and any possible solutions ? Thanks
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