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  1. T have 160,000 miles on my 06 diesel. I have replaced only 2 over the years. Now I need to replace 2 others. Would it be best to replace all 8, I'm up here in Maine. What uis a good brand, i have been using AC 9G Thanks
  2. I have a K-D 3246 Axle socket. Will this work on my truck, Thanks
  3. Are the MOOG brand bushings better than stock bushings, Thanks
  4. How can I tell if my shocks are bad. They are Bilsteins with 120,000 on them. What is a goods replacement as everything on truck is stock.
  5. What would cost to replace 6 speed allison in my 06 2500HD with diesel. Got a quote a little under $6,000. with 3 year 100,000 warranty Is that a good price ? Thanks
  6. I have a 2006 2500HD with 6 speed allision auto trans. Trans is gone at 160,000 miles. Trans cost to replace with rebuilt unit 3 year 100,000 waranty. Cost a little under $6,000. Is that a fair price. Thanks
  7. Does my truck have a cabin filter, if so how do you change it, Thanks Steve
  8. Do they make a 2 piece rear brake backing plate so you don't have to remove the axle. I have seen them for 1/2 tons but not 3/4 ton. Thanks
  9. I decided to order the spacer between engine and filter housing. Also forgot about taking inner fender panel off. Guess must be old age.
  10. As I'm losing strength in my arms it is harder to change the fuel filter. What is a good wrench to buy ? Also do the spacer make it easier to change filter. Would taking out inner fender panel help. Thanks for any help.
  11. I need to replace two glow plugs, but is cold up here in Maine. Is there any problem waiting until warm weather. Diesel starts good in cold weather.
  12. can you just buy the plastic ball type joint. Thanks for info, any part number
  13. What is correct length of wiper blades. Mine on left side hit left side moulding. Is there a adjustment on arms or should I buy shorter blades. Thanks
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