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  1. On my 06 2500Hd when I turn on the headed seats, light comes on but minute I take my hand off the light goes out and no heat. This is on both seats
  2. Painting Alum wheels

    HoosierZ What color wheel paint or part number did you use and is color coat in the paint or separate ? Thanks Steve
  3. I have a 06 GMC 2500HD with alum wheels. The good old salt up here in Maine has done a number on them. I would like to sand down and paint them. What silver color would look good and should I clear coat them afterwards ? Thanks
  4. right front brake grabs

    Still don't know what is wrong, could be rubber hoses
  5. On my 06 2500HD when I put the brakes on the front right brake grabs. What makes this happen ? Thanks
  6. inside door handle 15758172

    that's the part number for door handle in door jam, I guess you would call it outside handle, just got one at O'Reillys for $32.00 made by dorman.
  7. I need to buy a new inside door handle left side extended cabin GM part 15758172. On amazon they run from $9. to $80. Which is a good one to buy. thanks
  8. 06 Alum Wheels

    My 06 Alum wheels has pitted bad from the new liquid road salt they use here in Maine. I would like to sand them down and paint them. What would be a good color and what brand to paint them. I should have kept polish on them. Thanks for any help.
  9. I have a 06 2500 with extended cab. Left rear door won't open from inside or outside. How can I fix this. Thanks
  10. 06 GMC 2500Hd rear axle play

    davester, Thanks, I should have know that but must have been having senior moment. Steve
  11. Was rotating tires and noticed a little play in rear axle. I could turn tire about an inch measured on tread before driveshaft turned. Is this normal ? I know you need a little play. thanks
  12. I need to replace glow plugs on my 06 Duramax. I noticed quite a difference in prices. What is a good brand to buy ? Thanks
  13. Went to change my fuel filter on my 06 Duramax and AC fuel filter didn't have a top gasket. Can't seem to find one, does anyone know where I can get one or the sizes of the gasket, there is a Seals Unlimited in town. Thankstw
  14. I was looking at madjackdiesel.com and they have a spacer to set the fuel filter out away from block. They say it makes it easier to change fuel filter. Has anyone used one and are they any good? Thanks Steve
  15. Very hard to turn key switch on. Have tried both my keys and same problem with both keys. I have found new switch but news which I don't think will operate door key. How do it get it to work with old keys. Does key man have to change anything

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