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  1. Brought mine in today for this issue. Mine only came on once but I figured what the heck that is what my warranty is for. They did notice the code and checked everything out. They told me I had a rear sensor that malfunctioned and would order a new one just incase it happended again and will install it. I told them it went off about a week ago and never came back on. They honestly said these things are full of sensors everywhere. Also had another recall/re-program for brake system issue. Hope this little bit of info helps someone else.
  2. Sorry for posting a response so late, this went to a spam folder. Yes as water tight as before. Not 100%. Just a little wetness near the back but not bad at all and that was after a downpour.
  3. I did not notice that at all. The top of the tailgate being so wide I feel compensates for it. I had to adjust my clamps toward the inside more. My previous tonneau has 3 different locations it could be installed in. I wish I could upload a pic but it keeps telling me the file is too large.
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