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  1. Smart move removing those wheels for the winter. Chrome wheels and salty road conditions don’t belong in the same sentence. Keeping those wheels clean and with a good coat of wax is about the only thing you can do . Also avoiding a curb rash at all costs. Use Mr. pink car soap myself. Good stuff. Those snowflakes look beautiful on a black truck.
  2. Built another hitch cover. That’s 4 built so far and more to go.
  3. Nice looking wheel And tire set up. Just bought a set of those Michelin‘s myself. Hopefully I’ll be putting them on a set of 22 inch snowflakes for my 19 HC. And thanks for straightening us out in another thread about those snowflakes. I should’ve known something was up when I saw the front brake calipers on my 19. Which are considerably larger .And stick out a little further than the previous generation trucks.
  4. I’ve been looking at those wheels that you posted. They are commonly referred to as snowflakes because of the design. I have seen a few new trucks on dealers lots with these wheels on them. They were 22 inch. A pretty pricey option at 3K. But I will admit very nice.
  5. Extang trifecta signature series 2.0 . Works fine never had any issues.
  6. I looked at at 19 Denali before I bought my HC. The Denali had the multi pro tailgate. And you are correct the center portion of the tailgate that drops down is pretty heavy. Matter-of-fact my wife had a difficult time raising it. Also I know it’s not talked about much but I have read a few posts about the center section of the multi pro tailgate interfering or possibly hitting your trailer hitch ball when it’s in the down position.
  7. OP I’m not sure if it’s a high priority item for you or not. But the power up and down tailgate comes standard on the HC. And I believe available as an option on the LTZ. Just something you might want to consider. So far I’m very happy with my 6.2 HC.
  8. That’s good to know. And here’s a pic of the wheels. These wheels and tires was on my wife’s 08 avalanche four 18,000 miles before I pulled them off.
  9. Nice tires Eppieguy. I hope you sell them. I just bought a set of Michelin premier LTX. In the stock size of 275-50-r22. To be mounted on my OEM 22 inch chrome wheels . Which will be going on my HC this Saturday. Here’s a pic of the tires.
  10. Picked up my HC about a month ago. So far full xpel treatment on front end, color match vent visors, tinted front windows, tonneau cover, and a homemade hitch cover. Other than that the truck is stock. Loving the truck so far. Recently joined the forum.
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