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  1. They are Ruff Tuff very durable and nice fit/ finish. A little pricey but I am very happy with them. Customer service was just ok but they are responsive at least. I would definitely purchase again. Your finger tips will get a work out they are an extremely tight fit.
  2. Had the fog lights and the cover installed a while ago. Took a long time for the dealer to get the fog lights to work. The seat cover I put on myself. The pic is bad but I like them.
  3. Hi folks been a Jeep owner for almost 30 years so my new Chevy 2019 Custom trail boss Silverado is a completely different world for me. I had a few questions and was hoping someone could advise me: 1: I have the custom trail boss, so I had dealership put in the Chevy fog lights package for me due to where I work, I really need them. Unfortunately, it’s been back to the dealer twice where they don’t turn on when I press the button. The indicator light illuminates on the dash, but the fog lights don’t turn on. My dealership is willing to look at it for a third time but anyone have advice or assistance I can tell the mechanics? I mean it’s fog lights, how hard can it be but they are telling me Chevy has to produce a code which can take hours. As a Jeep enthusiast, I guess I am not understanding what’s so hard about fog-lights. 2: When I auto start my custom trail boss the AC comes on full blast. It doesn’t remember my prior settings. Is this normal? After I auto start the truck after ten minutes or so it’s nice and cool but it’s full blast which i find odd. Even in the cooler part of the morning and night, I tested settings with heat but the ac still comes on. Since this is a a custom trail boss it is single zone. 3: instrument panel dimming. I hit the + and - icons but nothing happens unless completely dark outside. Is this normal? Can I adjust the illumination brightness during daylight hours particularly very early in morning or late in the afternoon? any help would be appreciated. Dealership already told me they had to replace a “computer” module to originally fix the fog light situation which ended up not working a day later. So when I take the custom trail boss back to the dealership I would like to have knowledge to rebuttal with. Thanks folks.
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