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  1. **Update** Turns out it was the carburetor this whole time. Bought a brand new one, slapped it in, and BAM, no issues. Runs beautifully. Lesson learned. Thank you all for your help!! I really appreciate it!
  2. So I got the truck running better. Found a loose hose clamp on the fuel pump, and changed to a newish carburetor. Now, when floored the engine will rev, the transmission will downshift, then after a few seconds it'll act as if I let off the accelerator pedal. I let off, reapply, and the engine responds as it should. I haven't had it shut off as previously yet.
  3. Sorry, it was supposed to say, "then it starts pumping..." I'll have to try that this weekend. I drive it, it dies. I feed the carburetor fuel and try starting the truck. It runs as long as I feed the carburetor, then after a minute or two of running, it will run on it's own.
  4. Yes, after restarting, it will run and burn the fuel in the bowl. Then no start until I force it with filling the bowl with fuel and pumping fuel through the lines. I thought it was vapor locking, but the lines are run along the frame, the original way I believe, and they're cool to touch when it does this.
  5. Yes, one tank. Okay. I'll try it. I haven't checked the pump because it was the second one. I have found a line that goes somewhere by the canister area, not sure where it gets hooked up. It looks like it might be the return line for fuel? I'm going to try following it back, if I can.
  6. Tank is clean. No debris. The fuel sending unit was just replaced, then tried it again. Hasn't changed.
  7. Did that. It still died while idling with the fuel cap off, after I got it back home and waited about 20 minutes.
  8. So, it will start when it's cool. Even holds fuel in the line so it can start. (After a couple of days it'll drain.) I've only pulled the line after it gets warm and won't restart, or until it quits on me, and yes, no fuel spits out when cranking. When it dies, it starts chugging like it's out of fuel and then won't restart until it's cooled off. Yet the fuel lines are warm, yet touchable.
  9. An electric pump is my next step. Unfortunately, it started after I owned it for a year. Then the old engine blew, and I swapped engines, and now that's all it does. I also need to rebuild the carb. Thanks for the info!
  10. If the motor is trying to run, you'll have to remove the inner panel to see what's sticking. If it's not, remove the switches in the door. The wire might be disconnected/ have a bad connection at the metal connector.
  11. I have a 1986 Chevy Suburban 2500 5.7L. It runs great when it does. I had to hook up all of the emissions crap in order to register it. It ran great. Replaced the ignition coil, rubber part of fuel lines, fuel sending unit, fuel filter in the carb, and fuel pump, thinking that was the problem. When I drive it for about 20-30 minutes and turn it off everything is fine. Come back after a few and it won't pull any fuel in. The lines are not vaporizing the fuel, from what I can see. It runs great for that little bit. I can get it started with starting fuel, or just by dumping fuel into the carb, then after letting sit, it'll start. Can someone tell me what am I missing?
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