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  1. If you are planning on keeping your truck for along time you might want to consider installing electric fans. I put some on my 02 Silverado 5.3, together with a larger radiator and a higher voltage alternator. It can idle all day in 95 degree Florida weather and not pass 200 degrees.
  2. Yes, that’s the one. You follow it to the valve cover and the pcv should be there. I have 2001 Silverado, it’s the same thing.
  3. It’s not in the outlined rectangle you made, It’s just above the rectangle, half way underneath the square plastic plate.
  4. You would be better off finding a shop that does that kind of work and get the new gears installed. I’m in the process of doing this to my truck, it has the same gears as your truck. My truck doesn’t have the G80, I’m going to install a truetrac in mine. It’s a complicated job for a first timer, but if your willing to try it there are a lot of how to videos on YouTube that can help you.
  5. It’s right underneath the plate that holds the cable to the throttle body. You can see it in the picture it’s halfway underneath in the front on the intake manifold. It has a small 2” long hose attached to it, follow the plastic tube that’s attached to it. It goes to the left side valve cover where the Pcv is.
  6. I have rubber bed mats on both my trucks, they work great. You can order them specifically for the truck you have. Keeps the bed floor from getting all scratched up and things don’t slide. You can take it out and clean the bed if you like and the bed doesn’t rust.
  7. You have a family and you like to go fishing and hunting. If gas mileage is not a concern, I think option 1 is your best choice.
  8. The Valvoline 5W30 is a good quality oil. I’ve been using the high mileage Pennzoil 5W30 and I’m happy with it.
  9. Good morning everyone, I’ve been trying to get on the forum to look at all the different posts on here. Every time I tap on a different subject or try to do anything on the forum nothing happens. The only thing it let me do was create a new topic, lol. Can anyone help me figure this out. I sent a message to the site but never got a response. I’m already a member and signed in but still nothing happens. I’m trying to view the forum from my iPhone if that matters.
  10. I have a set of kumo Crugen HT51’s on my truck, I’m pretty happy with them.
  11. Nice, I also like to do a good job. If your gonna do something do it right. I purchased Silverado with 130,000 miles and it needed a complete tune up. Now that I’ve got it up to date I installed electric cooling fans, cool air intake, catch can, duramax single exhaust, corvette servo. I’d like to do some more things to it, like a cam or some new rear end gears.
  12. How hard is it to do a cam swap on that truck, I have a 2002 with the 5.3. I’ve never done a cam swap before.
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