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  1. You're a legend. Thanks again, will finish that off tomorrow!
  2. Oh I see, the cable directly up from the one highlighted in the rectangle? Has a black 90-degree fixing just under the plate you described?
  3. Thanks for your help man, I've attached an edited photo of the engine bay. Is that the particular hose you were talking about? I've watched nearly every video online, and I don't seem to have the matching "thicker hose" that enters the drivers side valve cover.
  4. Currently working on a 6.0L V8 (2000 LQ9 I believe) and cannot seem to locate the PCV valve and hose (see image for reference). I was under the impression that they weren’t integrated into the valve cover until around 2005. The body of this truck is a 2000 Sierra 1500 but the engine was replaced from the 4.8 to the 6.0 at some point so I’m guessing for a lot of the component locations. First time poster, any helps appreciated.
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