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  1. Does anyone own or know anyone that ownes the Gator HR1. It's a hard roll-up tonneau cover. If not does anyone have a tonneau cover from this brand if so how is the quality from them. Below is an image of what it looks like
  2. This is my 2018 Silverado LT Crew Cab Short Bed. My goal for this truck is to fix it up and utilize it for camping and hunting BUT keep it simple. Something that I have always enjoyed with my trucks is keeping them some what stock looking while making people know that it is not stock. For me low key is the best, with some customization to keep it different from other trucks. 1) USA Flag decal on the rear windshield (Local shop installed it) 2) Tint to match the factory (ceramic to keep that CA heat out) 3) Debadge the truck from all insignia as well as remove the 4X4 4) Added some AUX switches that make it look factory (bought them from Ebay) 5) 4 off roading LED light pods on some hood mounts
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