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  1. I'm starting to think... this is the new GM. I bought an 06 Silverado new and it was a great truck. I'm now on my 2nd 2019 Silverado in less than 5 weeks and they have both been an absolute nightmare. Good luck to you, I've had none.
  2. Well my new truck has the leak on the passenger side. Taking it in Wednesday. This comes after purchasing a 2.7 lt on Sept 14, and it being in the service center since Sept 16th with a collapsed lifter. Finally, this week, on Oct 14th we agreed to a new deal to put me in a new truck (5.3 ltz), and I even lost a few thousand dollars in the process, but I was ready to have a truck since my brand new one was garbage. Well it turns out my new new one has this leak. It's already been a very embarrassing and stressful experience so far, getting all the "you should have bought a... " crap from everyone, now I get to go through it all again! I'm pretty sure no matter the outcome with this one I won't be buying another GM vehicle. I know I'll get a lot of crap for this but.... my wife's kia Telluride has 13k miles on it and has been and absolute dream, my experience buying a silverado has been the worst possible nightmare. I can't believe they actually put a sticker on these trucks for $50k. Also mine has a build date of 2/19, so it's not exclusive to those built in 2018.
  3. Learning a lot in this thread, looks like a 2 inch level on my ltz 2wd will give plenty of room to put 33's on the stock 18's. Quick question though, is there one leveling kit that's better than the other when comparing a top spacer or bottom spacer? Thanks.
  4. Quick question... I just bought an ltz but in 2wd. What is the difference in stock height between the 2wd and the z71? I've been looking at leveling it so I'm wondering if I were to do it, would I be able to fit the same size tires? Thanks.
  5. Thrilled to now own this beauty. No immediate big plans, just happy to have a new vehicle, as my 20 year old jeep has had enough.
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