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  1. used code reader that I purchased from autozone it read all of the codes before I took it to the transmission shop
  2. Hi all, i have a 2011 gmc sierra 2500 hd diesel with the Allison transmission. I was having issues with stabilitrak and took it to a transmission shop. When I took it in the abs, stabilitrak, brake dummy lights were off. They wanted to charge me 1350 to replace the TCM. When I picked it up those three dummy lights were on. I checked there are no DTCs. I bought one for 695 from dans diesel and put it in. The truck shifts fine but those lights won't go off. I checked all the under hood fuses and everything is good there. I also have my egr and def deleted. The question I have is if there is a connection on the transmission that would make them stay on if they didn't connect it right back at the shop and what that connection would be. I had the battery cables disconnected for two hours or more with no change. I am open to any other ideas.
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