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  1. Got it. There was a red tab (like many wiring connectors) hidden above that wiring contraption... seriously would be impossible for anyone to see with their own eyes... only saw it from a picture I took from above the connector. Pulled that red tab up toward the sky, pressed the black tab (below the gray hinge thing) inward... and the gray hinge thing folded down easily and the whole plug came out without issue. Removing that tailgate was a major PITA... it doesn't have quick-disconnect support cables on each side (connecting the tailgate to the bed) like every truck ever made. A 1/2" socket on a drill was needed. Then (as another thread re: removing the entire tailgate here mentions), you really gotta tug on the passenger side hinge at a 45-degree angle... and keep tugging until it pops out. I'm glad the whole unit is built tough but damn. 4+ hours to install a tailgate LED bar. 30 minutes for wiring/soldering/electrical tape... 3 hours for that damned tailgate... and 30 minutes for lunch. Here's the light bar I chose to install... looks fantastic: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0771WDRHH/ 60" with red sequential turn signals and super bright white reverse lights.
  2. Hey y'all! First post here in the forums. Nice to meet you! I have a 2 week old truck - a 2019 GMC Sierra SLT 2WD w/premium plus package. Same overall as my '16 GMC Sierra SLT 2WD I traded in, except I really like the moonroof and the rear seat air vents! I purchased an OPT7 Redline tailgate LED light bar and am installing it. It's wired correctly (directly to the tail lights to avoid blindspot/trailering/backup/crosstraffic issues)… I took the spare tire out first and did the wiring and tested everything. I now need to remove the Multifunction tailgate to better prep the paint and adhere the lightbar to the truck. I've disconnected one of the two fabric-loom-covered wires easily... the other is a HUGE wiring connect unlike any I'd ever seen and I really can't figure out how to unclip it. Have any of y'all disconnected the wiring for the Multifunction tailgate successfully? Thanks! Mitch
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