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  1. My 2005 Silverado brakes seem to be properly again. I replaced the ABS Module and the ABS Modulator Valve. I was hesitant to replace these, until I read the post from Gabe in Arizona. It made sense what he said and since I had replaced all the other parts, other than the hard brake lines and speed sensors, it was really all I had left. I was quoted a lot of high prices for wrong parts at different parts stores, so make sure you read carefully the description to make sure you get the right ones. I was quoted as much as $800 for the Valve alone, but got both parts(one new, one remanufactured) for about $500 on line. Rock Auto got me the parts in about 4 days. Thanks to all and I hope this may help other.
  2. I am having the same problem. 2005 Chevy Silverado with rear drums. Front brakes slowly locked up and started smoking. Had it towed home, then had to replace front rotors, pads, calipers. Also replaced master cylinder, booster pump (vacuum). It seemed to work fine at first, but the next day started locking up again. Replaced both brake hoses in front. Still doing it. Mechanic friends are confused by this. Chevy dealer has no information that is helpful. I am thinking ABS module or pump at this point as the sensors appear to be working. Also no ABS or brake warning lights during any of this. Any other ideas?
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