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  1. Newdude, thanks for the info. This is my first diesel and wasn't sure if it was normal.
  2. I have a 2019 2500hd Silverado with the Duramax. I have a question about the performance of the engine. This dose not happen all the time. But, it seams that every 5 days or so, the engine acts as if it is towing. The rmps are running higher at idle. The fuel mileage goes down from 18-20 mpg down to 12-14 mpg. When I shut the engine off, there is is a noticeable repetitive ticking sound. Tick every second or so. This will last maybe 3 on-off cycle and sometimes during the last cycle, it will revert back to what I call normal operation. Usually, I get 16-18 mpg around town and 20-22 mpg on the interstate, cruising not towing. Is this normal? Is the computer doing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course, the person at the service department said I'd have to bring it in when this was happening. fc
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