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  1. They have assured me on multiple occasions that the rear brakes are calibrated and working properly. I asked about talking to a GM rep and was told that the district/area reps were eliminated several months ago....which I call BS. What stumps me is the fact that the problem comes and goes then gets progressively worse. If it is not resolved, my next step will be to contact an attorney that specializes in NC Lemon Law.
  2. 2016 GM 3500HD Crew Cab 4x4 has intermittent violent front end shaking when braking. I do NOT feel it in the peddle. It starts intermittently, then progresses. Repair history 6/8/17 - 22,890 Turned Rotors 9/25/17 - 29,752 New Rotors 12/11/17 - 36,282 Dealer says nothing wrong....it's was shaking when I brought it in but fine when I drove it home 1/11/18 - 36,833 Calipers sticking, bolt rubbing - replace rotors, shoes, calipers 7/19/18 - 48,764 Replaced rotors 8/2/18 - 49,540 Modulator valve found to be bad, turned rotors & new pads 9/13/19 - 74,560 more violent shaking. Appointment at dealer tomorrow All work done under warranty using OE. Each time I took it in for repair, I explained that I did not think it was a rotor issue because the issue is intermittent in the beginning. Either there is rotor thickness variation or there isn't! I have not towed my 5th wheel since around 10k miles although I do occasionally pull a 20' boat. I am not a stop-go driver and don't ride my brakes. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the dealer. Any idea what they should be inspecting?
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