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  1. Any updates on the sunroof install or success / failure stories? Asking for myself as I am still considering having a sunroof installed at the subcontractor for my local DFW Chevy dealership.
  2. *DLG


    Thanks, Good looking Rally you got there too??
  3. Any updates on this post? I am seeking feedback as well with plans to install a possibly 2 - 8' sub forward facing system myself. (May end up doing 4 - 8's) Coming from a long track history of stereo competition in my "minitruckin' days", I have fought it long enough to not go extreme in my truck since I purchased it in 15. Now I think I have somewhat give in and plan to add a little umph to my listening experience. My cousin went all out in his 15 Denali 2500 (Bose) Alpine Restyle 10', 4 - Sundown Audio 8' woofers, obviously upgraded mid-range / highs as well to Focal throughout. "Needless to say it is EXTREMELY LOUD" Now listening to his system makes it hard for me to enjoy my factory system anymore.
  4. *DLG


    My 2015 Rally Edition?
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