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  1. What psi are you guys running? Or does anyone know what the max is with the OEM sensors? I have a single axle travel trailer with Goodyear Endurance trailer tires. Which I purposely bought for extra protection it's a load range D tire but to achieve max load I need to run 65psi which caused me to pay extra for brass valve stems. I'd like to use the tpms sensors but like others have stated everyone locally look at me like I'm crazy when I ask about it. Just wondering if I go through the hassle of taking tires off and getting senors installed if I'm going to be able to run 65psi with this plastic valve stems. Any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. I can't wait to find out if this works! I'd love the review camera. I'd really like the side mirror cameras, I'm so mad I didn't realize the trailer camera package included side mirror cameras. I should have test drove more, just assumed for $250 you only got the plug for the trailer camera and big truck/standard box those cameras would be awesome for parking. Thank you all for posting, what you've learned! On a side note it's awesome to find stuff works with added parts. My basic trim Acadia was missing a bunch of dic stuff (range, tpms,etc) I was able to knock out a cap and buy a switch that just plugged in behind the dash from gmparts for $15. Instead had it all. Dealer told me they didn't think it was possible, maybe could do it for a couple hundred dollars.
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