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  1. Do you guys know if those are good for the new body or are they just for the LD?
  2. I got this ltz from the dealership after we worked out a deal for therm to take back the 2.7 that broke immediately. I'm holding out hope that their little sealant repair job will work for me, I really don't know how I'll be able to go through this process again.
  3. I bought a 2.7 two days before the strike. The next day I had loud lifter tick, took it in on the Monday they went on strike. The truck is still in the service center waiting for the parts. Yesterday was 30 days, I told them I was done waiting so they put me in a new truck. I went with the 5.3 this time... but yes the parts shortage is legit, but they've reached a tentative agreement so maybe it won't be long now.
  4. I certainly wasn't a fan of driving a new vehicle with a loud tick, and I most certainly drove well over a hundred miles on it while it was ticking...and getting louder. We had a baseball tournament that Sunday more than an hour away. Then I worked Monday before taking it in. It was ticking the whole time, and getting louder like I said. Guess next time I hear a noise I'll turn the radio up....
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. They did tell me from the first day that they wouldn't just replace one lifter, it would be all of them... so there's that. I do think I'll at least attempt to get them to find me another truck. It's not like it should be too hard, it's nothing fancy not even the wheel upgrade lol.
  6. So I'm looking for advice because I just purchased a new 2019 1500 2.7 LT 3 weeks ago. I bought it on a Saturday. The next day it started making a tick that sounded like lifter tick. Monday I brought it in and they confirmed that it was lifter tick and that they would get it fixed..... one problem, that was the morning the UAW went on strike and they can't order my parts. So now my new truck has been sitting in the shop for almost 3 weeks. Yes they have given me a loaner, but that's a pain .. they've already switched me into a second one because of mileage. It was depressing enough that my brand new truck had an issue, but now I'm getting very aggravated knowing I'll be making a payment soon for a truck I haven't driven, plus I really just want my truck. This was a big purchase for us and we were excited and a little anxious, but now just getting miserable. So .... is there anything I can do? Ask them to find a truck just like mine and give me that one and when (who knows) they get mine fixed, keep it? Is that a thing? I'm certainly not looking for anything other than to actually own the truck I bought, but at this point there really is no telling how long that could be. Thanks
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