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  1. Justeegs, did you paint the green logos and recovery hooks? Or are they wrapped?
  2. It is not that difficult to install and or remove. It is some bolted tie downs that you would have to loosen up and then you can just remove the drawers and the system afterwards. Installing it takes a little more time but once done.. it is easy. Make sure to buy the locks for the system if you get the drawers if you are wanting to keep things secure and you don't have a locking tailgate.
  3. Keep in mind that the bed tat comes with the drawer system can support up to 2,000 pounds of weight.. so you won't have to removes the drawers to often I would guess.
  4. I am certain mine will see some of the "Evil white stuff" as my wife usually calls snow.. Here in MN we get quite a bit too... so far in the cities we have been lucky to avoid it so far
  5. I got a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT with the tow package and convenience package. I love this truck. It is the first one I have owned. We got a Flex Aluminum Bed cover (secured) and a decked drawer system on it as well as the nice step running boards. Pictures of the Decked drawer system and bed cover soon to follow. We got the truck for the hitch as I am handicapped with bad knees. I recently bought a power chair and needed a hitch motorized lift kit to be installed on the truck. We got that done and it makes me happy I am able to get around with it better now. The chair even has the same color as the truck. I love it! Again, pictures to follow for the chair and hitch lift kit.
  6. I have it installed in my truck along with a rigid aluminum tonneau cover. I love it. I had it dealer installed to save me a little effort along with the cover. I am going to be doing another mod on top of the decked drawers with another drawer too. Just so people know too. The drawer system's false bed on top of the drawer system can support up to 2000 pounds as it is laced with steel support rods throughout their deck.
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