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  1. My goodness! I’m totally impressed with the sound of the FlowFX!! I went with it because I didn’t want to be obnoxiously loud to my neighbors and It hits the sweet spot perfectly. It has an incredible deep and throaty tone. I’m very happy with it.
  2. And to my point, I own what I like and can care less about what you like. Those that have used my vehicle are totally impressed with it in every regard. For the record I’m not a truck guy, but I’m a truck owner. It’s a difference. Since the build I drive it almost everyday because I love the feel, not because I have to drive it. My half ton non off road, non work use, hardly ever gets dirt on it truck is all “I” ever wanted in a “toy” and it’s paid for. I OWN it. Not sure why I’d put a 6k super charger on a vehicle that I don’t intend to race or go fast in... In My Opinion that’s hideous! I have cars for that. My truck in it’s current state is all “I” want. And as far as your beliefs on where truck trends will be in 5 years, who gives a $hit. I can care less about what or where trucks will be 5 years from now. Like really?!? You remind me of the Porsche purist that are upset that I have a carbon fiber hood and straight pipes on my 911 that will never be used on a track. I can smell the hate a mile away. At the end of the day; do what you want to with your property and use it how you please. Also relax a little, don’t get caught in the matrix of everyone and everything conforming to the status quo. Oh, one more thing... the high school kids love my truck, and their moms do too, so my son is the king of the high school kids when ever he takes the truck.
  3. I totally enjoy coming on here and catching up with a lot of the conversations from time to time, but I find it hilarious that there is always people with the belief that things should be done one way and they are quick to say that’s just my opinion after they say it .... That’s what makes this country great, because you are allowed to have and voice your opinion. To some on this forum they believe if you own a truck it’s meant to be used as a work horse beater. Well I didn’t buy my truck because I needed a work vehicle or wanted a good ride. WTF!?!? Since we have opinions, I believe all trucks ride horrible off the show room floor and they handle like ******. So when I read comments about lifting your truck destroys the ride quality it makes me believe that those that say that only own trucks and have never owned a vehicle that’s meant for the “Road”. I bought my fully loaded 2019 Z71 in December and at times if felt like I was sitting on a water bed the way the soggy Rancho shocks poorly absorbed irregularities in the road. I am more impressed with the solid planted feel of my truck now after I lifted it versus the sloppy stock set up. You get what you pay for when it comes to lifting your vehicle. This statement is really going to hurt some feelings on here; my truck is 100% a toy, and it looks exactly how I want it to look. And to be honest, I’m totally blown away by the crazy attention it receives when ever I drive it. The experience is totally shocking. The out pouring of love and curiosity is truly unreal. However, It wasn’t built to appeal to anyone but me and I’ve knocked it out the park. I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest with the modifications.
  4. Good luck with your truck dude. Hang around, it’s some good stuff on here. You will get a tough crowd on every forum these days. It comes with the territory. But you will also find a few guys that will try to help you out with their knowledge. I’m new to the site so I guess that makes me a newbie. I’m a Porsche guy not a vette guy tho!!! I’ve had mine for about 4 months and I notice an occasional lurch/buck at low speeds as well. I have not felt that occasional 2nd gear lurch/ jolt since it’s been lifted which makes me believe the additional weight may have something to do with it. I could be completely wrong... Regardless it doesn’t do it anymore. I’m at about 10K miles now. I hope you get things resolved.
  5. I purchased a Bodyguard A2L bumper about a month ago... I‘M still waiting on it. It will be color matched with 4 cubes (Two on each side) and a 30 inch light bar. It’s my first build. Thought I’d go bananas on it. So far so good. It rides much smoother than I anticipated. I’ve heard the horror stories. But it’s extremely solid and doesn’t float like it did in stock form.
  6. Yep... McGaughy’s 7-10... with Cognito upper control arms. She’s big. 26x14 TIS on 37 Fury’s. Got a few more things that have not arrived that will be installed.
  7. I just want to be like Diesel and Coveted when I grow up..
  8. I have a 2019 RST Z71 with a stock 2 inch lift and I love it. I can see everything and it floats like a Caddy. I’ve been in a Porsche 911 primarily for the past 4 years sitting inches from the ground as a daily driver and thought I’d get a truck with the purpose of going big. I have a McGaughys 7 -10 inch lift with some humongous rims and tires. So much for the super smooth ride but I’m sure it will be smoother than my Jeep Wrangler. I can’t wait to get this stuff installed so people that hate trucks with a stance can turn up their noses in disgust!!
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