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  1. Good luck with your truck dude. Hang around, it’s some good stuff on here. You will get a tough crowd on every forum these days. It comes with the territory. But you will also find a few guys that will try to help you out with their knowledge. I’m new to the site so I guess that makes me a newbie. I’m a Porsche guy not a vette guy tho!!! I’ve had mine for about 4 months and I notice an occasional lurch/buck at low speeds as well. I have not felt that occasional 2nd gear lurch/ jolt since it’s been lifted which makes me believe the additional weight may have something to do with it. I could be completely wrong... Regardless it doesn’t do it anymore. I’m at about 10K miles now. I hope you get things resolved.
  2. I purchased a Bodyguard A2L bumper about a month ago... I‘M still waiting on it. It will be color matched with 4 cubes (Two on each side) and a 30 inch light bar. It’s my first build. Thought I’d go bananas on it. So far so good. It rides much smoother than I anticipated. I’ve heard the horror stories. But it’s extremely solid and doesn’t float like it did in stock form.
  3. Yep... McGaughy’s 7-10... with Cognito upper control arms. She’s big. 26x14 TIS on 37 Fury’s. Got a few more things that have not arrived that will be installed.
  4. I just want to be like Diesel and Coveted when I grow up..
  5. I have a 2019 RST Z71 with a stock 2 inch lift and I love it. I can see everything and it floats like a Caddy. I’ve been in a Porsche 911 primarily for the past 4 years sitting inches from the ground as a daily driver and thought I’d get a truck with the purpose of going big. I have a McGaughys 7 -10 inch lift with some humongous rims and tires. So much for the super smooth ride but I’m sure it will be smoother than my Jeep Wrangler. I can’t wait to get this stuff installed so people that hate trucks with a stance can turn up their noses in disgust!!
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