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  1. There is an empty battery tray location in engine compartment that I will use for battery now mounted on trailer tongue. I am planning to use 2 6volt golf cart batteries to replace battery now on tongue. I will primarily use the single battery in engine compartment, w/isolator, to run CPAP machine.
  2. I am considering adding 2nd battery on front drivers side battery tray 2018 Silverado 1500 4.3, to use in travel trailer that I will camp in. Any ideas how to hook up & be able to charge. Do diesel trucks still use 2 batteries?
  3. I didn't know I couldn't turn them off when I bought the truck. Just talked with service mgr & he said it was a "safety factor" that you can't turn them off.
  4. My automatic electric door locks suck on my 2018 Silverado work truck. Any way to shut off & use only when I want to use them?
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