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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks in advance. I got a 2019 Sierra 2WD SLT with a 5.8 bed about 2 months ago. I'm finally looking to start making it my own. Unfortunately, there are no 3-4 inch lift kits available for my truck, so I'm looking at a 2 inch level with RoughCountry. However, I'm looking to do 20x10 Fuel Beast wheels with a 305/55R20 or 295-60R20 tire set. Does anyone have any input on if they went with a level kit, and what tire/wheel combo they went with? I'm looking for something that'll look good with no rubbing. I'd really like to do 20x10 to have the wheels stick out a little bit. I've went to a few shops local to me and every one gives me a different answer. Thanks again!
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