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  1. What do y'all think about this?? I have a white lifted 2019 sierra and just ordered the aeroskin lightshield that's on this too, so basically this is exactly what my truck would look like with both. Link to the bull bar - https://blackhorseoffroad.com/i-31627052-a-armour-led-bull-bar-matte-black-ab-gm11-with-20in-led-light-bar.html
  2. Just bought Husky Liners and the same storage box. Should be here by Thursday. I'll post pics for you!
  3. Hey everyone, Thanks in advance. I got a 2019 Sierra 2WD SLT with a 5.8 bed about 2 months ago. I'm finally looking to start making it my own. Unfortunately, there are no 3-4 inch lift kits available for my truck, so I'm looking at a 2 inch level with RoughCountry. However, I'm looking to do 20x10 Fuel Beast wheels with a 305/55R20 or 295-60R20 tire set. Does anyone have any input on if they went with a level kit, and what tire/wheel combo they went with? I'm looking for something that'll look good with no rubbing. I'd really like to do 20x10 to have the wheels stick out a little bit. I've went to a few shops local to me and every one gives me a different answer. Thanks again!
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