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  1. 2019 Silverado (new model). Drove 20 miles home without any issues, half an hour later I went back out and my truck struggled to make it out of the driveway so I turned it off. Turned it back on and it sputtered for a few seconds before turning over, afterwards the engine struggled to stay on and would eventually shut off on it's own. While it was struggling I was able to give it some gas and the engine would rev, but as soon as I took my foot off it wanted to die. Tried letting it rest and starting it again, but same thing continued to happen. I hooked it up to a jump start battery and there was no difference so I don't believe it to be that. Frustrating part is my truck just made 3 years a few days ago and is likely past the warranty....
  2. Minor leaks in the corners of the tailgate, because there's a small gap, but it's not that bad. Been through heavy downpours and car washes.
  3. Install is fairly simple. Running the wires through is the hardest part, everything else is bolt on.
  4. I just got lucky. I believe there was one more on Amazon Warehouse and someone else likely bought it. I also bought a bedrug (just the flat bottom custom fit piece) for about $40 less with free shipping too. Still waiting for this to come in. They also have Tonneau covers for cheap, but they don't ship those to Hawaii.
  5. Installed AMP PowerSteps. Got them from the Amazon Warehouse, damaged packaging, for $1,100 and free shipping.
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