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  1. Thought this would work but does not: You just adjust the mirror by the switch on the door to about the centre position. Then get out and tilt the mirror by hand in toward the vehicle. Then get back in the truck and use the switch to tilt the mirror further in. There appears to be just is not enough space for the mirror to move further in on its near side.
  2. Yes, the LHS (and the RHS) mirror was able to be adjusted before adding the tow mirrors. The problem is not that the mirrors will not adjust at all, whereas once they did. The problem is that the LHS mirror does not adjust enough to see down the LHS of the truck. I do not remember turning that option on in the information center. Seller of the mirrors informs me that the glass in those mirrors cannot be removed. So, apparently I will not be able to get behind the glass to modify the mechanism.
  3. This is an unusual question. I have a 2019 Midnight Edition 2500HD in Australia. Just replaced stock mirrors for aftermarket tow mirrors. Problem is that the LHS mirror cannot be adjusted to see down the LHS of the truck when sitting in the RHS front seat, which is the driver's seat in the RHD version sold in Australia. I bought the mirrors off eBay from the US. Does anybody know if the mirror can be opened up and modified to give it more adjustment of the glass so that I can see down the LHS of the truck? Probably no one in the US has ever had to do that modification, so I re
  4. Can anyone tell me what the female pins in the molex connector on the body (between the A pillar and the door) are called? I am in Australia and would like to add extra wires to operate the cargo lights in the tow mirrors I have bought, but I cannot match the female pins which go into the molex connector at the A pillar. Does anyone know their precise name and specification so that I can see if I can get them here in Australia without sending for them to the US? Truck is a 2019 Silverado 2500HD. Picture of the molex connector attached.
  5. Thanks for that. Yes, I did mean DL3 not DL8. So that would mean that the wiring will not be there for the cargo lights, which means I will have to add that wiring.
  6. If any one has a wiring diagram for this truck it would be helpful. I have checked all the wires which come to the RH door and not one of them seems to operate the cargo lights. I have turned the cargo light on and checked the voltage at each wire and none seem to correspond with the cargo light being on. Perhaps I do have to acquire the extra wires from Boost Auto in order to supply power to the LEDs in the mirrors?
  7. Any one know what mirrors the 2019 Silverado Midnight Edition LTZ came out with stock? I have one in Australia but it came fitted with D8 mirrors and I would like to install the DQS mirrors. What I am wondering is whether the truck would originally have had DQS mirrors. For compliance reasons the importer changed the mirrors to D8 mirrors. But what would they have been originally? I am figuring that whatever they would have been originally is what they will have the wiring for. I have installed tow mirrors and everything works except the led back up lights and run
  8. I should have added that the truck is stock - no modifications to suspension.
  9. 2009 Silverado 3500HD 6.6l 50,000 miles - have a C0035 fault code: left front wheel speed sensor circuit - open. Multimeter on the sensor plug also shows open circuit. Cannot see any problem with the wire leading to the sensor though have not yet removed the wheel, brakes and disc. Seems odd to me that the sensor itself should fail, since it is only a coil of wire around a permanent magnet. But the multimeter agrees with the scanner. Nothing else for it but to remove wheel, brake and disc and inspect? Or could there be a break in the wire beneath the sheathing somewhere? All
  10. Hi Phil,  Not sure if you have ever answered this question, but I am in Australia and am soon to pick up a 2019 Silverado 2500HD Midnight Edition, right hand drive (obviously), and it will come with DL3 mirrors, but I would like to have tow mirrors, which would be the DQS (?).  How do I do it and where do I get the parts (supplier must be prepared to ship to Australia)?  The DL3 mirrors are power folding (according to the brochure), so I would like to keep that function and every other one that it comes with.  I understand that I have to get a temperature sensor in the passenger side mirror (our driver's side) because the truck is the 6.6L Duramax diesel with exhaust brakes.

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