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  1. I had this on my truck. The dealership replaced the steering box about a year ago now (~ 12,000 miles) and it went away. I just noticed the other day that the whine is coming back. Would switching to synthetic power steering fluid help?
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    '05 - 35,191 miles - 831.1 hours
  3. Had the same thing happen to my '07 wheels. All four wheels had some form of peeling and pitting. I took it into the dealer, at first they didn't think that it was a big deal and that it was normal wear and tear. Of course, I disagreed and they took pictures. I took it back several months later for service and the previous service advisor was no longer with the dealer. The new advisor agreed that it was an issue and they ordered 4 new ones. They were replaced at about 33,500 miles with the vehicle now having 37,000 miles. i will say that the replacement wheels weren't quite as good out of the box as what you will see on a brand new Denali sitting on the lot.

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