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  1. My opinion is I wouldn't let them touch it anytime soon, I just had the first recall done which to my understanding was supposed to address among other things the display of incorrect brake life. Mine says i have used 24 % on front pads with 1876 mile on the truck still . going back to talk to the dealer on Monday.
  2. My dealer told me it would be about $750.00 to install for kit, installation, and programming. Will be installing myself and take it to them to program. Mine has the task lighting.
  3. Wow Harry, after going through all you have been going through I sorta feel guilty about raising cane over a fuzzy backup camera. Food for thought though. Maybe you could hit them up for an extended warranty on their dime at least. Wouldn't hurt to try. Worst they could say is no. Anxious to hear how your senior adviser handles this. I have one of those guys also. Good luck
  4. Man that sucks, sorry to hear that. That is not going to look good on the Carfax report whenever you sell it.
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