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  1. I will be insalling some wulf controls arms they looks better and thicker tube they feel more heavy and better powder coating and they laim to drop a true 4" IHC uses drive works ball joints and they dont drop a 4-5" ,,wulf are private label but i ask wulf how he compare his ball joits to drive works (never had any problems with ihc ball joints) and wulf say his ball joints are better will give it a shoot even if i go with moog,moog makes their parts in 33 different countrys so they are not usa made lol,, usa or china made Q.C is Q.C.
  2. Yea thats true ,i dont worry about caster because of the reason ,i like control arms because is faster to install and cheapper for the owner on labor and sometimes trucks have already falling ball joints and new controls arms fixes this issue for them for no extra cost,,indo use belltech front struts sometimes to replace struts and use them at stock height
  3. Only thing i dont like about djm is the balljoints failing from feedback i rear around the forums ,you ever had problems with djm? ,,i will be testing a djm/wulf control arms to see how much difference i get of drop vs the ihc i dont believe you get a full 5" drop with no spacers with IHC but i will compare
  4. Not sure about the bushings what djm uses for bushings? They say their ball joints are premium only one way to find out
  5. I have done at least 7 kits and not all have issues but is 50/50 they need a better Q.C ,,i work with laser,cnc,breaks presses on every day and i kwow how important is Q.C on the other hand i do like the 99-06 control arms no issues there
  6. If i have issues with these Wulf i will just star doing the same thing these guys did make my own control arms( copy lol)
  7. I think IHC doesnt have a QC when welding these controls arms have had a few issues,lower control arms rubbing on frame,alignment issues,had to cut tie rods,lower control arm rubbing on the spindle,,every time i say something they say oh we never had the issue ect ect or they just dont say anything ba k,will be trying WULF controls arms soon,they have better bushings and you can bolt on the breake line on the upper control arm,they say they use same premium ball joints as moog they just have a private label,, i know IHC dont use moog anymore last 2 kits i got are not moog
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