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  1. Discovered the rear leaks from the stake pockets and AC housing. A local company makes High quality stake pocket covers that perfectly blend and plug those. In installed them couple weeks ago and eliminated those leaks completely. Hopefully swapping out the BAK for the Sentry will get rid of the massive leaks and get things down to something normal and manageable.
  2. Well... I should have a new tonneau, a Truxedo Sentry, on Tuesday. BAK was of zero help when I called them back regarding the leaking. They didn’t even call me back until Amex reversed the entire charge under their purchase protection benefit. Did figure out finally how it was leaking. Water is getting under the covered “tracks” the cover rides in and following it like a gutter and dumping straight into the bed up by the bulkhead. From the best I can tell, there isn’t any way to fix or prevent this from leaking... just a bad design all together
  3. Level ground mostly. But I’ve tested the other two ways. Doesn’t seem to make any difference... always leaks about the same at the front. I should have probably been a little more specific in my description of the leaks... Weird thing is it’s not ‘exactly’ at the corners but about two inches in on each side across the bulkhead, but there is zero light.
  4. Working on that today.... if they don’t cooperate they can battle it out with Amex since that card has purchase protection on it. I purchased directly from their web store.
  5. Ironically one of the reasons I picked the BAK was because they manufacture the GM OEM cover. Stupid me figured that they would fit and work better due to that relationship.
  6. This isn’t my first truck or my first tonneau. I realize leaking in a car wash or torrential downpour or even at the tailgate some is normal. The leaking I’m dealing with is extreme and I’m stumped figuring out where and why. As much water as is getting in ‘should’ be obvious but it’s not.
  7. Guys, Just purchased a 2019 1500 crew cab and absolutely love the truck. Since I travel frequently for work and have to take a ton of luggage I purchased the GM bed mat and a BAK Revolver X4 tonneau. I chose the X4 mainly because of its sleek look and its features. Unfortunately, since installing the tonneau I’ve to the point where I hate it. No matter what I do it consistently leaks severely at the right and left bulkhead corners, nowhere else. I’ve closed myself up in the bed and there is no daylight in the areas that are leaking and I’m at a loss. This leaking is just from the truck sitting stationary In light-to-moderate rain.... nothing that should even remotely be taxing. I contacted the folks at BAK and they sent me a replacement bulkhead seals and recommended I remove the cover completely and reinstall from scratch which I did. Checked and double-checked everything, same exact leaks in mild rain. I reached out to them again and they said that they’ve never heard of this before and offered to replace the cover completely or issue me a full refund. In researching my own issue I’ve discovered BAK has had a long history of leaks across their product lines (which I was not aware of prior to purchasing) or I would have avoided them to begin with. I need a roll-style tonneau but not one that doesn’t do a decent job of keeping out the elements. I’m not sure I want to give these guys a second chance after what I’ve learned. I’m considering switching to the Truxedo Sentry. However, given how similar the two products are I’m afraid I’ll run into exactly the same issue. Thoughts? Any ideas why or how this thing is leaking? Anyone have any experience with the Sentry/SentryCT?
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