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  1. Does anyone go thru a car wash with your tonneau cover on?
  2. I hate the capless design! I cannot believe they think this is better than a cap. I’m in Michigan, got gas today, open gas door and there is snow sitting on the rubber “door”. I cleared it out with my fingers as best I could, but you can’t tell me that’s not going into the tank?? If I were to just stick the nozzle in all that snow goes right into the neck. Not to mention when it rains, the opening appears to be designed to collect any rain that gets thru the door! Am I missing something?
  3. Curious why it would only be a recall in Canada? I’m in the US but my used ‘18 was first sold in Canada. I called my local dealer, he looked it up, saw it listed but said he hasn’t done one yet but to bring it in.
  4. Are there any covers that offer full access to the bed, other than the soft snap on covers? I need full access to the bed on occasion, hauling stacks of 4’ x 8’ sheets. Thanks for any help!
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