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  1. That sounds great! I will be doing this soon. Do you happen to have a part number?
  2. What is your guys opinion of CST vs King? One in the same? CST currently has everything in stock. If I go with them and take coils to lowest setting I can gain and 1” up front. Add a 1” block and rear and essentially keep the same rake! I’m not sure that I can get that minimal of a lift with the Kings.
  3. That’s not to bad! I’m currently at 38” front and 39.5” in the rear stock.
  4. What did you for for rear shocks? CST as well?
  5. Would you mind measuring what your front and rear fenders are at unloaded? How bad was your mpg? I’m at 14 so can’t get much worse lol!
  6. Thank you! I’d like to go 2-1 if possible with the coilovers. More calls to be made today. I will post pictures as I progress.
  7. What did you do in the rear block wise? Max I want to go is 2”
  8. That is the exact stance I’m looking for!! You have helped me end my search for pictures!!
  9. Awesome! That’s what I was thinking of..not having them in the “know”. How far out do the 295 poke past the fenders?
  10. Great input guys! Justin what size tire are you running? You also look to still have some rake? Your truck look great by the way! I will call a couple companies today and see if getting them set to 1-2” from the factory is an option. I assume doing any of this will void my warranty on the from and rear suspension parts?
  11. I have Ltz with 6.2 and max tow package. I think I have an idea which way I want to go. I would like to upgrade my suspension without a crazy lift. In the end I will keep my stock 20’s and will be going with a slightly larger than factory tire. Do you guys know if King smoothie shocks work with our trucks? I like the coilovers I just don’t want to go much higher. I like the 1 1/4” rake I have now. Do I go coil over with a 1” rear block? Bilstein 4600? Icon stage one..? Do I need UCA’s with any cool over system? This is a dd with 4-6 hunting trips a year so nothing crazy off road w
  12. Has anyone run a 1” front and 1” rear level kit? I want to run a 35”x11.5x20 BFGoodrich or Falken wikdpeak on factory 20’s I have a 2019 LTZ with 6.2 And max tow package. I don’t want to make it harder for kids and wife to get into. This is the look I’m after! I currently have 1 3/8” rake..or there a-bouts I do want to keep a 1” rake as I like that look and do a fair amount of towing. Should I go 1.5” in front and 1” in the rear? Thoughts
  13. I can’t seem to find and pictures of a 275/75/17. This is just a touch bigger than my factory size 275/60/20. I’d like to stay with factory suspension but add some sidewall and fill up the well. Only 17” pic I can find is a 315/75/17 so I assume that a 275/75/17 would look similar just not as wide. Do you guys think this size would look odd?
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