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  1. Got a 2015 denali that came with the 1 way auto start but it's pretty embarrassing how bad it is. The range is pathetic and pretty much makes it worthless Wondering if anybody has recommendations on the best 2 ways that they have experience with. Had an arctic start on my last truck that was pretty good, I believe that said it was analog so the range and connection was better
  2. Recently purchased a 15 sierra with the manufacture tires on it. Their not very good and starting to get pretty worn. I live in north dakota so a lot of snow and ice here the majority of the year, on my last 05 silverado I had bfgoodrich k02s and there were really good tires, but they were pretty loud and that truck didnt drive the smoothest on the highway. I'm wondering what tires people are running and would recommend for the climate up here. I dont want to compromise the ride quality to much because i love how smooth this truck drives, that's why I was a little concerned about getting another set of all terrains like the k02s.
  3. After driving it longer today I realized it just takes longer to warm up, although they are definitely not as warm as I expected. Definitely not upside down, went in exact same way the old ones came out. I think their just cruddy designed seat warmers compared to other vehicles I have driven
  4. Hey guys bottom seat warmers were bad in the truck I purchased, backs were still working. I ordered the parts from dealership and just replaced the backs as well since I had the seats out already. I am a little disappointed so far, I thought the warmers would he considerably warmer than they are. I cant even feel them with my hand and I can barely feel them when sitting on them. Is it possible I got bad warmers or is there anything else I need to check? Install went fine didnt have any issues there
  5. Wow that's awesome! Thanks guys I'm definitely enjoying it, nicest vehicle I've ever driven. Was a little bummed about the seat warmers but oh well minor inconvenience and pretty easy to replace them!
  6. Picked up a 15 denali with 85,000 miles and 2440 engine hours. It has the 5.3 V8 My friend was giving me crap about buying a truck with so many miles but it was a good price that I found right in my range and it drives really nice. My question is does anybody have experience with these trucks and higher mileage? Anything I should expect like common failures or anything I should be looking at maintenance wise around the 85k-100k mark? So far everything works well except I just noticed the seat cushion heaters werent working, not a big deal I ordered the replacement elements and did some research, seems like a common problem and not to terrible to replace
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