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  1. The tailgate on my new 2019 GMC Sierra is misaligned causing the left lower corner to rub against the quarter panel. The dealer's service center is going to look at it to see what is needed to make the repair, but I don't see any way to adjust the seams between the tailgate and the quarter panels. Even if they can't make the seams uniform on both sides, I'll be happy if they can just create enough space on the lower left to keep the paint from rubbing off. I've included pictures if anyone has any advice. Thank you.
  2. I'm not trying to start a debate here, but I just bought a new 2019 Sierra crewcab and one thing that disappoints me is the back of the rear seat does not fold down. I have always owned Ford trucks and on my last one, a 2005 F350 Super Duty crewcab, the back of the rear seat folds down to form a fairly large carpeted cargo floor...in addition, there is a small amount of storage behind the seat. The seat portion of the Ford's rear seat folds up and there is a steel fold-out platform to use for cargo. It's unfortunate that only the seat portion of the GMC's rear seat folds up for a limited amount of cargo. With all the innovated features of the GMC, I'm surprised the engineers have overlooked something this simple.
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