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  1. Ok so I’ve about had it with my 2000 Chevy S10 tail lights. I’ve never had a problem like this before and most people think I’ve gone crazy when I tell them about it. I got pulled over twice for an out break light. First time I got pulled over I just swapped the bulb. Well it was not the bulb. The plug looked burnt or damaged so I cut it off and replaced it thinking that would fix it. Nope. So here is the problem. The drivers side break light does not work. However the turn signal works. Ok cool. Maybe a short somewhere. So I switch on the passenger side turn signal and the damn drivers side break light work!!! WTF. I’m really confused. Where should I start with this? Is this going to be a bad switch? I can’t find any relays that would effect it. Or is this going to be a ground? Thing I can’t figure is why the break light works when the passenger side turn signal is flipped on. Help!
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