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  1. Just a side note to those with water leaking into their vehicle. Be sure to check all seat brackets and any metal part under the seat. I had rust on bracket bolts and even on the jack which has never been taken out of its holder.
  2. Picked up my 2019 Silverado LT in mid October. I live in South Alabama and we had no rain for several weeks but the first rain, it leaked. Run down rear window on drivers side onto the seat. Less than 600 miles on vehicle. I took immediately to my dealer and showed them many photos I took to document. They were able to duplicate leak and informed me about a TSB related this known issue. They sealed the leak and then the opposite side began to leak when they rechecked. I demanded a new headliner due to water stains and cleaning chemical residue, so they ordered one over 3 weeks ago. No idea when it will arrive as of today. Soon to be a month in the shop. Any idea how to put a new headliner in a truck? Remove the windshield! Oh boy. Thank god I'm a patient guy and have a good service advisor. My biggest gripe is it was a "known" issue for a long time. I worry if my $50,000 truck will be the same. Only time will tell. Good luck to those with similar problems.
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