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  1. I had TCC shudder starting at 10k, 2019 T1 Silverado. Flush and fill with full synthetic fluid, fixed it, hasn't come back. They all have problems. Son's 2019 Ford XLT has been in the shop 3 times for cam phasers.
  2. I was told by sales that this is extra heavy paint to help with corrosion and rock chips.
  3. Oh ok, lol. I didn't care for the 2.7l when I test drove one. I got the 5.3, and it has been rock solid this far.
  4. Have you had the trans flush with the updated fluid? If not, it will make a difference, it did with my 2019.
  5. Thanks for your replies, never occurred to me to look in the owners manual, Nothing on the web was really clear.
  6. What's a good air intake filter to use in new style 2019 Z71? Its advertised as having a heavy duty air filter, can't seem to find any difference between non Z71 and Z71, I'm ok with a stock filter, just need to know if there is any difference.
  7. The flush and reflash fixed mine no further problems.
  8. Sounds like you have torque converter clutch chatter, I had that with my T1 2019 Z71 with the 5.3 and 8 spd. There is a TSB with points out that the issue is the trans was filled with old stock trans fluid which attracted moisture and caused the fluid additives to degrade. The fix is to take it to the dealership and they will scope it while driving and then flush the trans and add new full synthetic Mobil1 fluid. Took care of mine, no further issues. You however have a 2021 with the 10 spd I am guessing, but it sure does sound like the same issue. Maybe one of the far more knowledgeable people on here can help you out more. Good Luck!
  9. I have a 2019 LT Z71 and occasionally mine will do the same thing. The fix? Turn your light dial from auto to manual "on" and then back to auto. The screen should reappear as normal. Why? My guess is it just stays in night time dim mode, especially since I turn my dashlights down almost as far as it will go at night because I drive rural roads 80%of the time and I find it makes it hard to see critters like deer. When I park I will turn them back up, but sometimes the info screen will stay dim.
  10. As the title says the radio seems to switch randomly between two sound profiles, one bassy and the other like I have it set up with equalizer settings. Any way to fix this? Usually happens after a phone call through the radio.
  11. Go to another dealer, the condition has to be diagnosed while driving with a transmission that is warmed up. Gm has a TSC on the condition. I had the flush and refill done on mine and it shifts very smooth now. Print out the TSC and show it to the service writer, it should get you at least looked at. Hope this helps.
  12. I have a 2019 LT 5.3l and the 8 spd with mine had the TCC Shudder and the flush and refill with the Mobil 1 synthetic took care of it completely. 5000 miles since the service and very smooth at all speeds. Hope this helps.
  13. Bought mine in Nov 2019, Shadow Grey Metallic, fit and finish are flawless, had the brake software recall, and trans flush and fill with the full synthetic Mobil 1, best mileage has been 27 mpg, love the truck.
  14. I always let the truck run for 3-5 minutes from cold start to let fluids build up, and when I go from R to D, I'll let it sit in N for like 5 sec. If traffic will let me. Also had the trans flushed and new synthetic Mobil 1 fluid put in for ATCC shudder. Trans works like it should, just gotta let the trans software load, I guess.
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