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  1. I have a 2019 Sierra 1500 Next Generation. Bought it in June 2019. On three or four occasions, while the engine was engaged in Auto Stop, the engine stopped completely and did not restart on its own. I had to place the truck in Park and restart. The latest was today when it stalled and a bunch of lights came on. The first was "SD card has been removed". Once dismissed, several other messages came up. "Steering Assist Off, Drive with care" "Traction Control System Off" Then the trouble lights and while I don't have an idea of all, it included Parking Brake On, Tow/Haul Light, Brake System Off, ABS and a few more. It would not start for a couple of minutes but once it did the the power brakes did not work. The truck was parked for about 15 minutes and when I drove home, there were no other issues. Anyone had anything like this happen to them. I'll be calling the dealership tomorrow. Thanks for any help.
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