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  1. Finally got my rear window replaced on 2/21/20, we'll see how long it stays dry. Dealership I have been dealing with is a HUGE dealer with extremely subpar service consultants! Wasn't contacted when window arrived, had to stop by and learn it had been there for weeks. Dropped truck off and was taken great care of and request for a service loaner was quickly fulfilled. Was told it would be at least a day possibly day and a half as they had to do the oil lines, recalls, and window. Next day I waited until 1500 to call and check on truck and was told my service adviser was gone today but appears my truck was done in the AM and no one called. Picked up truck and noticed muddy footprints on back seat headrest, all over the back of my front passenger seat and console, and all over the floor. I understand the floor but damn, could they not look over the truck and put 5 minutes of effort to clean it and make the customer feel they care? When I walked up to the service consultant he looked at me, picked up his things, and then proceeded to leave for the day without saying a word to me. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Speaking of service, the oil lines were also replaced which the recall states is to be done with an oil change and new filter. Checked the oil level and it was barely on the dipstick. Spoke to the service manager who said "Warranty work only pays for 8 qts of oil". Really, as a huge dealership your only going to put the minimal amount of oil versus filling it. Absolutely amazes me how poorly GM treats the customer. Hopefully the window remains leak free.
  2. If you have a rear slider window, check for leaks. The control unit is behind the rear seat and is prone to issues where the rear slider leaks and water comes in contact with it.
  3. Whelp, the truck relapsed last night. I have been using the app to remote start the truck since I got it back over a week ago and no issues. Last night used the app and when we got in the truck I noticed the CEL was luminated prior to pushing the start button. Once the truck was turned on, all the warning messages began popping up. Restarted twice and the brakes reset and was able to drive home. Will be contacting the dealer on Monday.
  4. Coming on here bashing Chevrolet isn't the intent of this site and won't help your problems. We are all frustrated with the issues we are having and try to stick to just that, the issues we are experiencing. The fact that you continued with the purchase of a vehicle you didn't like on the test drive and took the salesman's word says a lot.
  5. No, now that it's 15 below you can see frost where it is damp/wet. Dealer is very open and honest and said GM is EXTREMELY reluctant to replace headliners and makes them try all kinds of cleaning techniques first. Mine is black and shows no signs of damage and the frost area is pretty small on the passenger side. As long as it's dry and no mold, I'd rather they don't replace it. I've yet to see a 2019 built before 10/18 with a rear slider that DOESN'T LEAK.
  6. GM's BS caulk job fix for a broken frame!
  7. Just picked mine back up yesterday and after washing it I found it is still leaking! Back to the dealer immediately and am waiting for next step.
  8. All the same issues with mine. Dealership couldn't figure out why all driver assist functions "died" and on the way home all functions began resetting and all work fine now. Brakes failed and truck was at dealership for 2 weeks. GM techs believe the low voltage issue is from the updates/recalls being performed without hooking the truck to a battery charger. The thought is the recall/update causes the trucks battery to drop to critical levels interrupting the software update but appearing to successfully download. Dealership charged battery and then reinstalled recall. Time will tell..... And yes, GM Customer Care is a JOKE!
  9. Finally picked up my truck from the dealership last night and was told they believe the issue was caused because the update/recall was performed without the truck being hooked up to a battery charger while updating. Dealership stated GM techs believe the update/recall causes the truck's battery to drain to a critical level and the software update doesn't completely download correctly. They said symptoms begin with trucks that lost all driver assist functions after the update/recall. Service manager said they charged my battery and then reinstalled the update/recall while still connected to the charger. No issues driving home last night, guess time will tell. BTW, GM Customer Care is nothing more than incompetent lip service! I could start an entire thread on just the headache I had with them.
  10. Only info provided was that it was to fix an oil line that can potentially come off. Not sure if it affects 5.3 and the 6.2 but mine is a 6.2.
  11. Same issue after recalls were performed. Lost all driver assist features and after sitting at dealership for 3 hours was told they needed to order a new camera. Left the dealership and while driving home all features began resetting and coming back online. Shop still replaced camera and all systems seem to be working fine except the BRAKES! Last night the brake system failure struck and truck is now at the dealership. Also was advised there is a new (12/18/19) recall for an oil line coming off.
  12. 2019 Silverado High Country owned 1 month with 1500 miles 12/23/19 brakes system failure while backing out of a parking space. Truck was in limp mode with very little, 5-10% braking on first attempt to brake and approximately 50% on second depression of the brake pedal. Limped to dealership which was 2 miles away and was told something in the brake system requested the check engine light. Manager states he reset the computer and a visual inspection showed no leaks. Told everything should be fine and to bring it back on 12/26/19 and they will take a closer look. I live 40 miles by freeway away, this was not a safe option! After multiple discussion between the sales and service departments I was put in a rental (dealership expense) until they can look at truck. Unbelievable GM knows of this problem and is rolling the dice instead of a hard and safe fix! Truck was sold without having recalls performed. Took truck in for a flat tire at 700 miles and dealership completed recalls. While doing so, it disabled my camera which disabled all driver assist (lane departure, following distance, auto high beams, etc.) and had to be brought back. Dealership messed with it for 3 hours before deciding to order a new camera. Left the dealership and all systems began rebooting themselves and coming back online. Took truck through brushless car wash and discovered my truck is one of the lucky rear window leaking trucks! Still waiting on this to be corrected. On this note, while I was at the dealership for the brake failure last night I poked my head in a brand new 2019 GMC Denali in the showroom and the headliner had a huge stain on the passenger side and the rear window leaked on both sides. Just 5 minutes before this observation a service tech told me the windows only leak because we owners take our vehicles through automatic car washes which we are told in the owners manual not to. And to top it all off, yesterday morning I was advised by the OnStar rep there is a new recall (12/18/19) for an oil line coming disconnected. Way to go GM!
  13. Just joined the club, not exactly what I wanted! Truck is a 2019 High Country with 1500 miles and purchased 30 days ago. Build date is 8/18 with the passenger side leaking. Truck is at dealership right now and was told they have ordered the sealant and will advise when it arrives. Currently on the phone with Customer Care. Amazed they can't just replace the window when there are visible cracks! Sealant is a band aide fix for something that is BROKEN. This is not a seal issue, it is a broken/defective part that needs to be replaced. GM needs to own this and take better care of their customers.
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