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  1. https://boostautoparts.com/collections/wiring-harnesses/products/high-spot?fbclid=IwAR1reH4PVaQ85CyhSHJU2F1RP-5DFpTG_Yo8CvJn4AyBA7rpzaHDHDy-EXY
  2. I found a company that makes a bypass that only makes the Task Lights work while driving when you turn your brights on.
  3. It's pretty straight forward. I removed the Wheel Well liners, which gave me easy access to the back of the bumper where the fog light covers are. Removed those, popped the new ones in. I bought some speed nuts, #8 bolts, nuts and washers.That was the only hardware I needed to mount them. There is a clear path to lay the wiring harness down, where you then need to run it through the firewall underneath the driver side dash where the BCM you're gonna plug into will be located. Overall, easy install. I had a buddy who was able to program it to the BCM so I did not have to take it to the Dealer. There is an authorization code that the Fog Light kit on Ebay comes with. So, my buddy was able to email the Dealer, and get the access code or whatever he needed to program the fog lights to the truck.
  4. Just installed those Ebay Fog Lights, they fit great! Going to be getting it programmed on Monday. Right now, when I push the button, the system is looking at the button as if it's for the headlights. So it turns on and off my headlights. Will keep you posted after programming
  5. If you have this button, then you have Task Lighting. Task lighting are lights that are located on the outer side of the side view mirror. They are used for "tasks" so when you are in park, and you have that button, you can press the button and it'll turn on those "Task Lights". If you have those, then you have the U12, so you can install fog lights. Let me know if you need more clarification.
  6. I got a 2020 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3, and I took it to a shop and they installed the same 2" Rough Country #1311 part on mine. Been looking for wheels and tires now to switch out the stock wheels/tires. If the SLE and Denali have the same wheel well and stock lift of them, then I know what wheels/tires should fit now without rubbing. Not looking to cut the crap out of my wheel wells. Does anyone know if the Denali has a bigger lift stock than an SLE? If not, then I should be able to get the same sizes as Kyleb.
  7. I have not tried to install mine yet. Planning on doing it this weekend
  8. That's what I was planning on doing. I was more so curious of bolt sizes that fit
  9. Does anyone know the hardware that is required to do the install? I just got my fog light kit in the mail (the one from Ebay).
  10. Definitely interested, just got a 2020 1500 SLE that is pretty much fully loaded, just no leather or fog lights. So, looking to add fog lights. Does anyone know if you need to have the Dealer program them after installed? If so, does anyone know the price point?
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