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  1. Did you get the running lights and turn signals to work? If so how Thanks
  2. LOL... I have been on that site several times and didn't find anything until just literally 2 minutes ago. Thanks Trying to get my tow mirror functions to work
  3. I have been looking for two days, using every combo of phrases I can think of but, THANKS
  4. Can anyone supply or direct me to the wiring diagrams for the turn signals and running lights for a 2019 Silverado (New Body style) Thanks
  5. Do you have the drawing for running light and directionals?
  6. Do you have a link to the wiring drawing ? cant really make out
  7. Dealer just called and said even with the replacement harness the truck itself does not have the pins into the BCM from the truck. They ordered Driver side 84622371 Passenger side 84622372 Their HAS to be a way to get directional and markers to work ?
  8. Received this Email stating Harness in stock. My truck is currently at the dealer getting Tow Mirrors & wheels installed as part of our deal. The dealer ordered New Harnesses and had them in about a week, I will let everyone know what does and doesn't work. Stock mirrors had Heat and power adjust NEW PRAGUE CHEV (NEW PRAGUE, MN) (952) 758-4488 REYNOLDS PONT CAD GMC BUICK (ORANGE, VA) (540) 672-3700 These two businesses are showing to have those parts in stock.
  9. Could you possibly get a photo up close to the lip/bottom of tailgate ?
  10. I bought the harness and the dealer is telling me the adjustable glass and heat work but, no lights or did they not change the harness out ? my truck came with heat and adjust but, like I said I bought the wiring harnesses ? Thanks
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