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  1. I like this idea, thanks for adding your input Andyh1, but I have the Crew Cab with a short bed, and the wheelbase on a couple of my bikes is too long to fit end to end, hence the need for the tailgate cover. (Another option for transporting bikes that I've used on past trucks is to bolt on fork dropout clamps onto a piece of plywood that fits the width of the truck bed. Removing the front wheel and securing with the fork dropouts works well, and is secure, but I have 5 bikes for the family and don't want to remove all those wheels!
  2. I have a '19 Sierra SLT with the multipro tailgate and i'm looking for the best option for a bike pad/carrier/protector for the tailgate. Looks like GM partners with Thule for their Gatemate Pro here. Does anyone have experience using this with the Multipro? Some reviews I've read say that it does a poor job fitting mountain bikes due to lack of adjustment on downtube straps for the bikes. What other options have people found to carry your bikes over the tailgate for the newer generation Sierras? I'm currently using blankets and cardboard, but want a better longterm solution. I also have a hitch-mount carrier for longer trips when the bed is full, but would like to find the best option for easy transport to our local trails. Thanks for your input!
  3. First post here- signed on due to looking for tips on this exact same issue. I just drove the truck home (2019 Sierra SLT) from the dealer yesterday, today was our 1st full day with it. Issue on mine is the rear passenger door as well, I need to unlock repeatedly 3-4 times before the unlock pin will slide all the way up. It seems like the pin is getting stuck by a tight fit. Keyfob, door unlock button, etc all to the same effect. All other doors operate flawlessly. Thinking back, I noticed this door not opening at the dealer yesterday, but thought I had just pressed the keyfob incorrectly and shrugged it off as it eventually opened. Minor annoyance that I'll need to head back to have them fix an issue on a brand new vehicle. (On top of this, the check engine light came on today while driving too; haven't even put 50 miles on it yet...) Aside from these annoyances, truck is fantastic.
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