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  1. You added the spacers because you wanted the tires to have more poke out the fenders? Or were they added for clearances purposes? If I read your post right, you had to modify the mudflaps because of the spacers..?
  2. I really appreciate the pics and the measurements. This is and update post done right !!
  3. Does anyone know what brand the GM performance cat back system is?
  4. curious to see what your final heights are with the kit and 35's sit at. I SO want that kit, but I am cutting it close height wise to my parking garage...lol
  5. Would there be any benefit to going "cat back" vs just a muffler swap? I know cost is a difference. Muffler swap can be $50-$150 and a cat back starts at about $400+. Would anyone say there is a edge to getting one vs the other?
  6. Cool story bro !! Seriously, cool story... great write up... felt like I was right there watching it go down !!
  7. My LT Trailboss has about a 2" rake... sounds like the motofab 2" kit should work... but wondering if I should play it safe and go with the readylift kit with UCAs...
  8. My local dealership sells brand new trailboss LTs with leveling kits already installed. when I asked, they said it was just a spacer for the strut mounts, no control arms included. it was the pro comp level.... hmm.....
  9. For all the guys using strut mounted spacers, how has your TBs steering been holding up?
  10. Looks nice !! I was debating this or have them sprayed when I get the bed lined...
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