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  1. Best does not count. It is the average that counts. And if it is like mine, I have lost about 5-6 MPG the last 2 years with this direct injection engine. The more miles you put on, the carbon build up you will have and the worst milage you will get.
  2. Paracutin, I have read all of it. Thank you. It explains a lot. It also explains how a mechanic can clean to tops and valve stems using fuel cleaner, if not too bad. Otherwise, I would have to open up the engine. Now why on earth did they make these direct injection engines that would cause this problem over a period of time. They Claim great MPG when new, but turns out to be worse than my ole '56 Mercury five years later. Are any of the pickups today, not direct injection? Or maybe a small SUV. I need good gas milage to continue running down the road a little further.
  3. So what do you recommend me to do to get my MPG increased and more power (performance)? I am sick of this low 13.5 to 14.5 MPG. Running my money down the drain. I have to take a trip to Michigan from Texas in May for mother in law's 95th birthday. Have to drive because of the dogs. Took this trip when pickup was almost new and I averaged over 24 on that trip. I never get better than 16.5 on highway now. That is a drastic drop. Are you saying I need to take to mechanic and tear apart to clean? Thanks for your response. David Roark
  4. Thank you so much for taking your time to inform me about this. I really appreciate it. I have quite a bit of reading to do also with the stuff you have given me. With what I have read already, it looks like I need the BG Engine & Fuel Service performed. Then after that, I could add the BG to fuel and engine as you have explained above during the year. I have not found where I can buy the cans of the product to use myself as needed. Can I purchased directly from their web site? Where do you buy the product at? Again, thanks so much for the information. Oh yeah, what is EPR service. What does EPR" stand for? David Roark
  5. There is one shop that does the service using BG Platinum for $175.00 and chevy dealership uses MOC and charges $180.00.
  6. I did not mean to get you guys in a fight about this. I believe both of you reference top tier gas. Are you referring to the higher octane gas? I refer to it as Supreme. I have never run anything in my vehicles but regular unleaded. Using a gas that costs 50cents more a gallon, would nullify any increase in MPG I might gain to save money on purchasing gas. And the problem with less MPG has progressively gotten worse over the last 2 years. In summer and winter. So what I am getting from both of you is that I have a lot of carbon buildup around the intake and intake valves as well as piston rings and tops. Is that correct? But you guys disagree on the method to clean all this junk out. And I certainly don't know the best way. Seems to me if I take it to dealership or mechanic to perform this service, they would need to drop the cat. so all the junk blows out and doesn't clog the cat. Am I on the right page here. Or is this step not needed. And if so, what exactly do I tell them I want done, so they can accomplish a total cleanup so my MPG increases and I also will have more power. And can both of you recommend the product(s) I should use to get this done. Then, if the above is successful, I am to start using premium gasoline like I did back in the 60' & 70's.
  7. I saw your comment and paused before I purchased BG or MOC that many dealers sell. So I need a fuel based cleaner and a oil additive cleaner. Is that right? And do you recommend a particular brand or brands? The last I used and was brought up on was STP.
  8. Thanks for the BG44K suggestion. I have gone to their web site to read on the product and am on my way to get truck serviced. Thank you.
  9. I have the stiff towing package. I purchased Michelin Defender LTX MS 275/55/R20. I try to keep them at 32PSI.
  10. Also, my average gas mileage has gone from high 19 to about mid14. Any suggestions for improvement ?
  11. One more thing about the pick-up. I am just short of 50,000 on it. So the shocks should not be worn out. But this has really been going on since day one of buying it.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I have a crew cab, 1500 Silverado. The wheels are 20" Thanks.
  13. I have a 2014 Silverado. Ever since new, I feel every little bump on the road. Just purchased new Michelin tires. Still no improvement. What can I do to get smooth ride. I have risen in F 150 and they are smooth as glass. What is the deal. Thanks for any recommendations.
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