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  1. Yes I found a free example letter online and utilized their template. Second letter being submitted today. Since the letter was sent GM calls me once a week. Useless conversation but I have them calling me now
  2. Google your state local lemon law. All states are different, I started the process proactively by sending a certified letter to GM Compliant with my stare lemon law. Sending the second letter today and getting the BBB involved.
  3. Back to the dealer I go, I went 2k miles no issues... started with the app this morning and itsssss backkkkk! GM is buying this truck back from me.
  4. Anyone one else have their system auto update? Wonder if this will remedy the issue?
  5. Just got off the phone with GM, I sent them a certified letter per MD State Lemon Law and they have called me everyday until they could reach me. Since my truck was serviced on the 1/9/2020 where the dealer replaced the Brake control module I have had 1 occurrence where i cycled power and the situation went away with no CEL. Alexis at GM stated the dealer is going to reach out to me to provide me with a loaner as they (GM) does not want me driving the vehicle considering the severity of brake failure. I will update when I know more.
  6. I sent a certified letter and GM has called me every day. I was unavailable every time (in a meeting) however I am going to ask for extended bumper to bumper coverage considering my truck has only had one occurrence since the trip to the dealership last week.
  7. I'm not a lawyer and don't claim to be so do not accept this as legal advice..Based on my research for the state of MD Lemon Law, the manufacturer has 1 attempt to fix a brake or steering related issue. The consumer must send a written letter via certified mail to the manufacturer stating the problem and setting expectations including all service tickets. After opening a case with GM when I got my truck back on 1/9/2020 where my dealer replaced the brake control module I asked for the address and sent the letter proactively. At minimum I am going to request GM to extend the warranty on the vehicle. Research your local lemon law, Most states do not require an attorney.
  8. Just picked up my truck, Dealer replaced Brake Master Cylinder, Power Brake Booster, and Brake Control Module. I remote started the vehicle at the dealership with the MyChevrolet App successfully so time will tell. I called GM and opened a case in addition to requested an address to send a certified complaint and the representative I was speaking to would not relinquish the address he kept stating "A Service Manager will reach out to you in 2-3 days" I eventually got an address from him... This is ridiculous...
  9. I agree 100% begin the stages of lemon law. I have everything ready to go for mine. I just heard from my dealer and i'm not 100% confident they're being truthful considering at 10:42 I received an email from On Star stating my truck is having ABS issues but the dealer stated they will need my truck for the next couple days until the brake control module comes in. Reading through the forums I am not confident this is the fix. Fortunately the dealer has me in a RST sivlerado loaner but that's beside the point. GM needs to fix this yesterday, I have all necessary paperwork ready to begin the lengthy Maryland State Lemon Law process in the event my truck is not returned timely. If Truck Manufacturers want to inflate the price of their vehicles to a premium we as consumers need to hold them to the premium standards. Just my .2 cents
  10. Update: Truck is currently at the dealer. They gave me a loaner and stated they are replacing the brake control module... After reading the post on this website I'm not optimistic... Maryland Lemon Law states the manufacturer has 1 attempt at fixing braking or steering issues. It also states to send a certified letter after the first dealer attempt in order to expedite the process. Once my truck is returned I am sending the letter. These trucks are too expensive to worry if I can stop or not. Will update once returned. Hopefully I waste $6 on the certified mail and the truck is back to normal. I love this truck when it works!
  11. Mine is at the dealer they stated they were replacing the brake control module... We will see.
  12. I filed a complaint with them as well, I am also pursuing MD state Lemon Law with them. Considering there is currently no fix for a brake issue I am beginning the long process of a buy back.
  13. That's painful to hear that you had to trade the truck... I hope I do not get pushed to that point... Did the dealer work with you on the trade? I think considering this is a brake/steering failure I will likely take the path of Lemon Law as I have 0 equity in my vehicle. Fortunately I am not upside down!
  14. I am also having blue tooth connectivity issues the Iphone volume is turned down by the vehicle and the vehicle is not showing the phone is connected.. This is beyond frustrating!! I have an appointment for the dealer today but after reading several threads in this forum my optimism has diminished Phone Issues
  15. Mine did the same thing, I also noticed the truck states "phone not connected" but the phone is connected and i can send and receive calls. I wonder if this is a related issue to the Service ESC message and the recent flash I had performed by the dealer... I really wish I never took my truck for the recall... I had 0 issues until they reprogrammed the brake module.
  16. Welp, Add me to the Service ESC group.... 1847 Miles 2019 Silverado High Country 6.2. Second time this has happened after scheduling an appointment at my local Chevy Dealer this time the truck through 2 codes P25A2 (The Engine and Transmission System is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Engine Electrical System, including the Charging and Starting System that monitors and controls the engine starting system and 12V battery charging system. If the charge system light stays on, or comes on while driving, there may be a problem with the electrical charging system. Driving while this light is on could drain the battery. If a short distance must be driven with the light on, be sure to turn off all accessories, such as the radio and air conditioner) and C0021 (An issue has been detected in the Antilock Brake System.) I do find it interesting that both occurrences have happened while starting the vehicle with the MyChevrolet App. This could be a coincidence. I also find it ironic that the truck has not done this until AFTER I had the perform the Brake recall per their request... Currently the check engine light is on and my appointment is 1/7/2020 I will update after the service is performed. I also plan on notifying GM. This is ridiculous! Video of ESC message
  17. Mine just did this. I too started with the App. Very interesting, I am taking to the dealer next week.
  18. Just had this same problem with my 2019 1500 Silverado @ 1789 miles I scheduled an appointment with my local Chevy dealer for 1/11 I will update then.
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