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  1. One cheap mod that will assist with keeping the interior cooler as well as keeping the sun out of your eyes is to have the sun roof tinted. Makes a huge difference on those really hot sunny days. Had %5 tint done on mine.
  2. I agree with Mike Ketchup on this sort of. My last truck had HID's and I really miss the distance down the road that they lit up, but agree with others about the LED's being bright enough. I just wish they would throw light further than they do.
  3. Mine does this EVERY TIME I wash it when it's below freezing. It has also happened when it is super cold (-40 without windchill) and the exhaust from the vehicle in front just hangs there. (exhaust fog)
  4. Here is the link for the American brothers covers available is a few factory colors, endorsed by GM as well. https://www.americanbrotherdesigns.com/GMC_Sierra_Interior_Knob_Kit_p/abd-1444kc.htm
  5. I purchased this emblem and installed it on my 2019 Denali ultimate. It has the front camera and the wiring harness that comes with the emblem has nothing to do with the camera, so I don't know what the parts guy was talking about. Have had it installed for about 6 months and no issues, no condensation either like I have seen some post about.
  6. Anything is possible, but using a little common sense will prevent damage from happening. Having said that, it is not as easy a mistake to happen as one would think. The inner smaller tailgate can not be opened at the exact time as the larger one as this is a built in safety feature. The buttons are not super sensitive so it's not like you can really accidentally hit the other button for the smaller one after opening the full tailgate, but if you do, they open pretty slow. Even with the entire tailgate open and you still manage to somehow press the button for the inner tailgate, as I said they do open pretty slowly and one should be able to catch it before it hits the hitch. These tailgates are nothing like the older ones where once you open them they will slam down in the fully opened position if they slip, these new ones lower slowly I am guessing by using an internal torsion spring. Basically it acts like there is a lift gate assist cylinder on it. Hope this explanation helps.
  7. They told me it was an ambient light sensor in/on the front bumper. I don't use the feature a lot but yesterday morning on my way home from work I went to use it and it did not work the entire 35 min drive. Parked in the garage, shut off truck, opened door, restarted truck and they worked fine in park in a 6000k led lit garage. Go figure.
  8. Maybe try the dealer, my 19 Denali comes with textured rubber mats in there.
  9. Steering wheel is pretty much the same in my 19. As far as the wireless charging, it works great on my Samsung S8 but not on my wife's A71 or on her old IPhone. The lightning bolt will light up green in the infotainment screen if it is charging but will turn yellow within about 15 to 30 seconds if there is an issue with charging.
  10. I had it done by Ceramic Pro on Logan ave just east of Mcphillips street on the south side of Logan. it is also ceramic tint as well, keeps vehicle cooler and does not fade.
  11. I love it. It keeps it just as cool from the sun as if you had the cover closed without it being as dark. I had it done at the same time when I had it in for the ceramic coating.
  12. Here is my 19 Denali ultimate. have had it a little over a year now.
  13. I say yes but definitely prefer the clean satin look over shiny. Water based tire products are better in the long run for not only the tire but the wheels as well. The petroleum based tire care products over long term use will cause dry rot due to drawing out the oils in the rubber. It also causes the clear coat on wheels to check as well if you aren't careful with keeping it off the finish.
  14. I personally go with a size that is as close to OEM height as possible. This way your odometer and speedometer won't be off too bad and trans shifting will be within proper range as well. Before buying any new wheels though, make sure that they will fit, I just went through this getting my new Fuel wheels. The issue is the new larger brake calipers and needing the proper offset to clear them.
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