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  1. I could be wrong but I don't think GM makes such a thing as a passenger side dimming mirror. Edit: Just did a quick search on the Google machine and it is talked about here, they don't make one. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/09/2019-sierra-features-only-one-auto-dimming-mirror/
  2. Any reputable shop worth their weight in salt will be able to tell you if the wheels you want will fit properly or not. when I ordered my Fuel wheels I initially wanted a different style than the ones I got and they told me right away they would not fit due to the calipers.
  3. I may be incorrect, but I do believe that this noise you are hearing is the electronic parking brake engaging.
  4. I had both of mine as well as the stock muffler cut out to replace with a louder muffler and the only real drone to speak of is at lower speeds (below 50kmph) caused my the DFM kicking in. To avoid this simply put the gear select in manual mode.
  5. I wonder if what you are hearing is the stupid flappers in the exhaust pre and post muffler. I had those and the muffler cut out when I went with a different muffler so I don't get that, but have seen some people post that is what the noise was on theirs.
  6. Personally if you know for fact it does not have factory alarm I would go aftermarket. Especially if it does not have remote start either, you can get some with pretty crazy range nowadays. Mine has 3km range but I only went with an after market starter even though it had factory remote start cause I need the range for work.
  7. https://realtruck.com/c/exterior-accessories/truck-bed-accessories/bed-caps-rails/bed-rail-caps/v/gmc/sierra-1500/2019/?z=1631824787434
  8. If your car has a factory alarm system it will trigger (make a noise, such as the horn sounding) if a door (and sometimes the bonnet or boot) is opened. Usually this can be tested by opening a window and locking the car with the factory remote. Wait for a minute then unlock the car manually from inside and open the door. The alarm should sound. I got this from a simple google search @ this site, https://avscarsecurity.com/
  9. Does it sound more like a bunch or marbles rattling in a tin can? The way you describe how and when it happens almost sounds like pinging (pre ignition) and it can happen when a lower grade gas is used. It can also happen if there is a lot of carbon build up in the combustion chamber. What grade (octane) gas do you use and what driving style do you have? Do you baby it and use lower octane gas or what? If it is pinging cause by carbon build up there is several ways to clean it out. Firstly if you already aren't, use higher octane gas, the 6.2 calls for premium (92 or 94) the higher the better. You could and should also use some injector cleaner ever 3rd or 5th fuel up. You could also do a seafoam treatment. Some people will disagree but I have done this in the past and have never had a problem, just be sure you follow the instructions. Especially the driving it like you stole it part after it has sat to soak. good luck. Let us know what the shop said too.
  10. I had to change out all 12 front studs on my Avalanche for a similar reason and if I remember correctly, Ford F250 studs were the same thread just overall longer. Knurled part and all. But I recall that I may have had to grind just a little tiny bit off of the knurling as it was a hair bigger and was super difficult to pull through the hub without stripping the threads. I mean it is not like they have to be held in there super tight anyhow. Good luck and let me know if you need any more guidance.
  11. One cheap mod that will assist with keeping the interior cooler as well as keeping the sun out of your eyes is to have the sun roof tinted. Makes a huge difference on those really hot sunny days. Had %5 tint done on mine.
  12. I agree with Mike Ketchup on this sort of. My last truck had HID's and I really miss the distance down the road that they lit up, but agree with others about the LED's being bright enough. I just wish they would throw light further than they do.
  13. Mine does this EVERY TIME I wash it when it's below freezing. It has also happened when it is super cold (-40 without windchill) and the exhaust from the vehicle in front just hangs there. (exhaust fog)
  14. Here is the link for the American brothers covers available is a few factory colors, endorsed by GM as well. https://www.americanbrotherdesigns.com/GMC_Sierra_Interior_Knob_Kit_p/abd-1444kc.htm
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