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  1. I noticed you said that when your automatic start kicked in is when things went haywire. I am curious if the other people that have had this same issue happen also leave the start/stop enabled? I have about 18,000 km on my 19 and have not had any of these issues, yet, but i also turn off the auto stop/start each time i drive it.
  2. That is interesting. I can hear it for sure though. and you are sure it is not the valve springs on the exhaust before and after the muffler causing it?
  3. You do not have to turn off the e-brake. As soon as you press the gas pedal and the vehicle begins to move the e-brake turns off on it's own.
  4. I have the AVS on my 19 Denali and initially did have the issue of them not wanting to close properly. But as mentioned in another post I let it sit in the sun with the windows closed for a few hours and have not had any issues since.
  5. I installed a Putco Blade on my 19 Sierra Denali and agree that where it is mounted limits the visibility of it when closer to the truck although from a distance it is perfectly visible so I may leave I may leave it where it is for now at least. I purchased the wiring harness from Putco as well because in the past on other trucks I have done the splice to install method and the wires ALWAYS corrode over time causing issues. With the wiring harness it is simply plug and play with the exception of the backup lights but that was a simple fix. Personally I would go with the Putco Blade and also get the harness from them as well but make sure you order the one for the 19 and up cause it is different for the GMC, not too sure about the Chevy's though.
  6. We're paying on average right now about $4.50 a gallon here in winnipeg and that is low right now. Back in the summer we were paying between 5 and 6 a gallon.
  7. I thought it was the camera behind the rear view mirror but I am only going by what they said, I'll know more when I pick it up.
  8. I personally think it does this simply for safety reasons. My Android phone does the same thing when connected via blue tooth, it turns on a "Do not disturb" mode which mutes the ringer and notifications on the phone. Calls do go through hands free on the truck but I miss texts, and again I think it does this so that you are not having to handle the phone while driving. If connected to Android Auto via USB cable I get notifications when I get texts via Android Auto and it also reads them aloud if I so choose and can also reply hands free.
  9. Still pretty vague. Did this solve your fog light issue or did you just find the home for the plug?
  10. I did the exact same thing the other day and had the exact same results. FYI the fan was dead quiet last time i used it in warmer weather.
  11. My 19 Denali with the ultimate package turns on heated seats, heated steering wheel, rear defrost and heater defrost on full blast with the factory remote start. I even have an aftermarket remote start installed (extended range of 15,000 ft.) that turns on the heated seats and rear defrost.
  12. You don't mention if your truck is clean, recently washed, it is cold where you are? The reason I ask that is if the sensors are dirty they system will act exactly like that. Also if it was recently washed and it is cold there could be a thin layer of ice or even soap film left on the sensors from the car wash. I know it sounds stupid but these have all happened to me with the exception of the soap film. Good luck and keep us posted if you get it figured out.
  13. It is currently at the dealership getting fixed. They told me that there is an ambient light sensor in the front bumper that was faulty.
  14. If someone would be so kind and check something on their truck for comparison, that would be great. I have a 19 Denali ultimate and when I turn the heat from windshield defrost / foot well floor, to just the foot well floor area very little air flow is on the drivers side floor in the front. There is actually still more air flow blowing out the windshield defrost even though I only have it set to floor. Does your trucks do the same or do I have a blend door problem? As far as I'm concerned there should be no air blowing for the windshield defrost if it is turned strictly to the floor area. Thank you in advance. Its at the dealership getting fixed as I am typing this. The blend door actuator was faulty.
  15. I have a 19 Denali ultimate with the automatic system for the high beams and am having an issue. I was also wondering if anyone else had a similar problem and what was done to fix it. About 95 to 98 percent of the time they will not activate at all, it is like the push button switch on the end of the turn signal isn't working. The odd time it does come on, it will shut off randomly. I completely understand how the system works, so I know that all the necessary circumstances are being met for them to work, but the system shuts off completely. I can try turning the auto high beam system on over and over time and time again but it won't turn on. It is going in soon for another recall and will have it checked then but was curious if I am not alone in this lol. Thanks.
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