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  1. Yes there is a brake pad life system, I should add these are the original brakes with 37k on the truck.
  2. My wife’s 19 trail boss custom just gave her a message that new brake pads were detected, she thinks it’s cool that she has “self rejuvenating” brakes, however I’m concerned there maybe another issue(Caliper starting to hang up?) anyone run into this before?
  3. 275/60/20. The eibach kit has lift springs instead of just adding more preload to stock springs. The ride with the eibach kit is much better in my opinion, no more “porpoising” after big bumps or pot holes, you do notice smaller bumps more at lower speeds though.
  4. Cooper rugged treks come in non LT, eibach pro truck struts are an option comparable to bilsteins, very happy with mine, 2” in the front, 1” in the rear.
  5. Cooper rugged treks come in non LT, eibach pro truck struts are an option comparable to bilsteins, very happy with mine, 2” in the front, 1” in the rear.
  6. I ended up going with those, originally they wouldn’t show up for my truck on the accessories page because it’s a 2020, not sure why GM thinks they only fit 2021 and up because they bolted up perfect, I’m very happy with them.
  7. eibach pro truck 2” front lift 1” rear, GM snowflake wheels with 33” cooper rugged trek, and GM high clearance running boards.
  8. Well ordered the Silverado version of the high clearance steps, they bolted right on to a 2020 no issue. I really like these steps, just enough foot room, nonslip, and don’t hinder ground clearance
  9. Any issues mounting these up to your 2020? The catalog is showing they only fit 21-22
  10. Any issues mounting these? GM catalog only shows them for 2021-2022 model year trucks, trying to figure out if they will fit my 2020 silverado
  11. Did you find measurements on the the bracket spacing for them somewhere? Or were you looking at a set in person?
  12. I've seen this question a few times, anyone have an answer? I'd really like to order a set of these, but would hate to drop the $$ if they don't fit or need to be modified to fit. I can't imagine anything changed from 2020 to 2021, but who knows with automakers these days...
  13. Looking to put a set of running boards on my 2020 double cab, options are limited compared to crew cabs. I see a lot of them seem to be a certain length with a set of mounting brackets that can be moved along the running board depending on the vehicle. I kind of like the look of wheel to wheel boards since it balances out better but I can't find any that I like. Has anyone tried mounting a set of crew cab length boards on a double? any reason why this wouldn't work?
  14. 275/60/20 cooper rugged trek, 20”x9” 24mm offset satin black snowflake replicas. Coopers are way quieter (and cheaper) than the dura tracks on my wife’s trail boss, and just as if not more aggressive tread, really liking this set up so far.
  15. I like this look, considering the same wheels for my silverado. do you have any other photos? Are these the +24 offset wheels?
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