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  1. A couple days ago I decided to take out the led side marker and tail lights. I put back the standard bulbs and I still had the same issue . The next morning stated truck and the radio turned on and was back to normal . It’s been working good for two days now . I don’t know why installing led bulbs would cause such a issue.
  2. I have a 2014 Silverado and there’s a large square hole in the inner fender wall that you access in the engine compartment. Drivers side is easier but On the passenger side you need to remove the air filter box .
  3. Using XM The spot i get the noise is nowhere near the base . I've seen a couple posts about people getting a new/used HMI module on ebay that has some software upgrades too. What are your thoughts on that
  4. It’s a 2014 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 . The standard audio with 8 inch screen . The screen functions normally. On my daily drive I pass by a spot that always turns the audio to a brief white noise. Two days ago while passing by same spot the noise sound like a old dial up modem and after that it hasn’t worked right
  5. Audio will work in any position of the ignition switch. Once truck is started audio turns to intermittent staticky scramble but if I hit the lock unlock button or switch to reverse audio comes on for a second . After a 30 min drive audio started working like normal but as soon as truck was turned off and then turned back on the problem started again
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