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  1. Yes sir, I believe you are right, crooked 'GUIDELINES' . It's absorbing in darketh head now... hehehe.. Thanks for the clarification. I have informed my service advisor and she's looking into it now.. She's pretty open to things like this. I'll definitely post back when I follow with her in the next day or 2.. Thanks again.
  2. Ya I forgot to mention that... i.e. refrigerators and AC units and even power saws etc... so ya what Davester stated... there are tools the require what they call 'starting watts' vs 'running watts'. My apologies for forgetting that crucial bit of info. After getting into that for trying to figure out my home wattage usage for a portable generator connection, for example, my home fridge is a 400 watt 'running' watts but to kick it on takes 1200 'starting' watts.. So ya.
  3. Hey odarevliS, keep us posted, I just called my service advisor to follow up with this. I have have the same issue with my 2020 1500 Crew Cab since I bought it.. So at 0 miles this was crooked. I will also post back with whatever happens with my service advisor/information.
  4. a little late but just to figure out how to calculate your wattage usage... 120v X <your appliance Amps Usage> = Wattage... i.e. https://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools-compressors/air-compressors-tanks/1-gallon-135-psi-ultra-quiet-hand-carry-jobsite-air-compressor-64592.html 2.8 amps of usage... 120 X 2.8 = 336 watts. Less than 400. So I should be good. ;)... hope this helps..
  5. Ok gentlemen, SO sorry for the delay, my apologies as this is going on a couple of weeks now. BUT, once this was verified that this WAS a result of bad programming, I was also made aware of that cylinder #8 failed leak down test and had to be replaced.. ON TOP OF THAT, i kept telling the dealership there is something wrong with the radio and that way it handles the USB Music and Playlist.. Basically, when playing from a Playlist (mind you this is a NON HD-Radio but still the 8" screen), and you stop the truck, leave vehicle, let vehicle fully shut down, re-enter vehicle and start it up. The music will not play and the playlist filename is found but it doesn't show any of the songs in the list. I thought "OH H#LL NO!! NOT AGAIN WITH ALL THE ISSUES!!!". SO, I verified this was a true programming/radio issue as I have since traded that double cab in for a crew cab with more upgraded options on it that I wanted from the beginning.. In this new gray (steel color) truck, the playlist plays just fine even after turning off and back on the truck. Acts like you would expect it to. To start playing where it left off and has NO issued with re-loading or keeping the playlist loaded. SO YES!!!, I traded that truck in for a new(er) one due to all the issues encountered above. Although, I didn't realize it but it was another Loaner Special, but I don't care as long as the truck runs like it is supposed to. ;). Good luck to all who having to keep their trucks and I truly mean that. This truck will be my last and I'll deal with any issues that arise from here on out unless someone else does something stupid like total my truck ;)..
  6. Hey Bamorris... where did you go to get that information for that TSB? A GM website?
  7. Hey BAMORRIS.. that is EXCELLENT information.. I was almost certain the developer(s) screwed something up!!!!!!!! They need to be SLAPPED for that crap.. ;)... I mean crap like needs to be THOROUGHLY tested in a few different models. Trucks with OEM BrakeCotroller, Trucks with aftermarket brake controller, Cars, SUVs etc... I mean come on, I'm SURE GM has a few spare vehicles around to test this out before putting into production!!!!!!!!! AND I bet if you put those developers in the vehicles they updating the software in, I BET you they'll do a better job because now if they screw up on it, THEY are the one being the crash dummy in the test.. hahahahaaha. Thanks again bamorris for the info.. that helps a TON!!!!!
  8. Hey Chad, wow dude, that is seriously severe, don't blame on not driving it.. Just a quick observation, it looks like it only jerked as you were turning the wheel. The all electric rack and pinion I know draws a lot of electrical juice, it could still be something with grounding or even a positive power wire supply line not supplying enough juice due to maybe some resistance somewhere??. Not sure. That is only my novice observation. That is something that GMC dealership should be able to troubleshoot as long as it keeps doing that. Whether it's a copper wiring issue (either positive or negative or both) or a control module issue etc... I know this isn't much help but those electrical Gremlins are a bear to figure out sometimes.
  9. OK SO, here's the update. On my 2014 Silverado, which was the first model for that year, I have traded in the truck for a 2020 Silverado LT Double Cab. I KNOW !!! I KNOW!!!!! I may run into the same thing. This error was very occasionally with no reason or rhyme and only happened IF I let the RED highlight gear indicate stay disappeared in Park (P) for like more than 3 seconds. THEN the error code/engine light would pop on. BUT if when I put it in Park and the red gear indicator disappears and I see it quick enough, I can just pull it out of Park and the gear indication comes back and I re-try putting in Park to see if it catches. SO, there was another issue that cropped up (again, sporadically, like 22k in between occurrences) that finally prompted me to trade it in on a newer model. 2020 Silverado LT Double Cab. Crossing finger s this one was not made on a Monday or Friday. HEHEHEHE ;)... I'm actually happy with the new one. The 2014 had 115K on it when I traded it and this new one I got for about 20 bucks more a month and has 100K bumper to bumper warranty on it. SOO i won't find out (by my money anyways) what was wrong with the 2014 truck. I really hope you guys find a resolution to yours. Good luck.
  10. Hey Ozer, they STATED they were going to do that, but after they ran a compression test and indicated the compression was VERY good on all 8 cylinders, i had a discussion with the tech. Because the fact that compression is good and wires, plugs and coils are 'good'. The sporadic issue comes with a few various possibilities.. the easiest being the injector is bad. The other not easy part is there is possibly valve leak or something more internal with the engine as this is so sporadic in nature and the fact that i'm still paying on this AND may have a pretty expensive repair coming for anything internal engine related, prompted me to trade in the truck and upgrade to a 2020 Silverado LT Double Cab.. I know!! I know!! possibly back to the same issue. I'm crossing fingers that this one will last. The engine a L84 5.3 which my current is a L83 5.3. I just hope they worked out all the bugs on this one being 6 years later. So I won't know what the fix will be as I have new truck (well it is a 'retired loaner' from the dealership with 3110 miles already). This was the only way I could a new truck with same payments. I just rolled over the equity from my current truck as it was going to be pay off this year. So i'm sorry guys if I caused any grief. But I just wanted out something that could turn potentially costly in the very near future. By the way, the new truck has a 100k bumper to bumper for only like 10 bucks extra a month. So I feel pretty good about that part. Good luck on all your other endeavors.
  11. Ok guys just a quick update, I called my shop guys about the issue, they stated for 75 bucks, they would do injector tested, cylinder compression test AND a few other things,. If nothing is found, they would swap cyl 5 injector with another non AFM cylinder and then I'll run it for a while and see if the code shows back up and is so if it's the new swapped cylinder or same old cylinder. I guess from there well see, I'll report back if the shop find anything and what was done. I'm crossing fingers that's it's just an injector issue, I really don't want to have to deal with an engine replacement as that will be out of my pocket. Hehehe.
  12. Hey guys, I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 LT double cab and at about 90,000 miles I got the first p0305 code, I have replaced the coils the wires and the plugs. Now at about a 115,000 miles the engine light flashed as I was coming home and went off while while driving. I checked after I got home and it was the same code, the p0305. I am crossing fingers and hoping that the injector on cylinder 5 is the only issue. I have ordered all new injectors for all 8 cylinders of course I had to buy aftermarket because OEM is too expensive. I wanted to put this on record just show another buyer of GM having issues with this. It may take another 20000 miles or more before I figure out if something else is going wrong or if the injector fixed the issue. So it may take awhile for me to reply back and if this fix the issue or not. I'm also replacing the plugs just to be safe as well. If this happens again, my only option is to take it into the dealership or my local mechanic if you'd turns into a rocker or when a electronic pcm programming issue. I just hope my cats aren't screwed up. Those are new as well as of about 96k cause I believe this p0305 issue burned one side out, so I had both replaced at that time as well.
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