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  1. I planned on removing the bracket, besides that will major trimming have to be done or do you think just mid flap trimming ?
  2. I’m new to the forum and new to GM. I’ve always had a Ram. I purchased a 2020 trailboss and was looking at a set of 20x10 -18 offset hostile venoms with a 33x11.5 ridge grappler. I’m seeing very mixed answers on how bad it will Rub and how much trimming it will need. Will the 11.5” tire help at all with the issue or it’s mostly the 10” wide rim that’s the issue. I like the stance of the neg offset, a 20x9 positive offset doesn’t appeal to me as much, I’d rather just leave the stock 18’s if that’s the case. Anyone with any experience weigh in? Much appreciated !!
  3. What’s up guys, new to the forum, new to Chevy..... always been a Ram guy...... so I just purchased a 2020 satin steel trail boss LT...... I’ve been looking at aftermarket wheels because I feel the 18s look tiny on a crew cab standard bed... what can I get away with backspace and offset wise if I did a 22” wheel, with possibly a 285/50 22 Nitto terra grappler....for right now I didn’t plan on doing a level. I won’t be off-roading the truck, it goes on the sand here and there but mostly a road warrior...... thanks for any input
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