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  1. Yes. That’s the one I am using. The lights worked at first but I was adjusting the wires and I might have tapped power and ground together. They do not turn on now. My third brake light bed light still works but the plug has no power now and I can not find a burned fuse any where
  2. #10 fuse is good. Third brake light Cargo light still works. Still can’t find a burnt fuse any where
  3. Oh wow I did not realize there was another fuse box on the passenger side. ok. thanks Ill look tomorrow and give you an update
  4. That’s actually what has me worried because the third brake light bed lights work. With that switch on there is no power. When I first tested it, it did work but once I put the plug back on to test lights now no power. I was thinking fuse, maybe I tapped the power and ground by accident but I can’t find a blown fuse any where
  5. So I’m trying to wire some ledlights to light up my bed but the dummy plug under the truck has no power. Does anyone know what fuse might control that or does any know what might cause no power?
  6. Hey guys I've got my first Silverado 2018 . When I bought my truck I was told that the first owner bought a lifetime navigation upgrade. Is this a true upgrade?
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